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Module names and searching (iOS particularly)

A. Smith

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There seems to be an inconsistency in module names and particularly in search for them and more specifically in iOS. For example, I wanted to search the combined Greek Bible (labeled in my OSX and iOS library as "Greek Bible (LXX + GNT)"). When I search "greek bible" in OSX, it comes right up. But when I search the same term in iOS, it's nowhere to be found. Of course, if I search "LXX" it will come up on either platform. The same is true, for example of GNT-Family 35 (searched for family), GNT-Ecumenical Patriarchal Text (searched ecumenical and patriarchal), NA28 GNT (Sigla) (marched "sigla")etc. At first I assumed this was because of the hyphen. But searching "textus" will get me GNT-Textus Receptus. 


It matters (at least to me) because sometimes I can't think of the precise module name but I can think of a word in the title. So, rather than look through all my texts (since we can't put them in folders *wink*wink*) it makes sense to search the library for the word. And it works in OSX so it is natural to cary that over to iOS. 

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