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Bagster: Analytical Lexicon OT Hebrew; Deut 33:9 רְאִיתִ֔יו


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Yesterday I was in Deut 33:9 puzzling over the translation of רְאִיתִ֔יו


Instant details confirms the ID of the pronominal direct object suffix (chiefly) vav as Masculine singular.  Faithful (if now neglected) ASV gives:

"Who said of his father, and of his mother I have not seen him".  LXX changes to 2nd person singular se (you). The context indicates that the desired

direct object would be plural (them), which has been used in some translations.  All the commentaries I checked ignored this, even Keil & D.


I wanted to look it up in Bagster to see what similar forms with varying suffixes occur to see if רְאִיתִ֔יו could be differently vocalized or explained as a slip for the masculine plural ending though finding a final ם (mem) gone would be tough.


It would be nice if one could pop-up Bagster & show the form with its context (5 entries before and after) in a list.


So how about selling Bagster, which should be public domain?  And if any of you scholars have something helpful to say on Deut 33:9 רְאִיתִ֔יו,

I would love to read it.

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Is there an etext?

I note Bagster's Analytical is in archives: https://archive.org/details/analyticalhebre00bagsgoog


And Google books lists it, maybe with 4 etexts?


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