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Why I prefer OakTree Software, Inc.


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I have been involved in work with computers since the mid 1960's as tools related to my primary area of study and later my profession. Though I have taken programming courses and worked with system administration and programming a bit in connection to my work, I am a computer and software user, and really apply the lens of a consumer to my computer experiences.


In the world of Bible study tools I have experienced the transition from books to the current digital tools and I have sampled many offerings over the last five decades. Too many times those experiences have involved companies that offer much and disappoint greatly. For over twenty-five years I worked extensively with a well recognized company in the Bible software industry, but I became soured towards that company by their marketing approach, pricing, software, and resource decisions.


I have observed changes made to the Accordance website, and they please me. Marketing and advertising are very difficult tasks, because the tastes and needs of the audience are so varied. I hope other Accordance users enjoy the wit and humor employed in the graphics and titles announcing the weekly special offerings as much as I do. As I have stated in the forums, I look forward to Tuesday just to see what the new offerings will be and how they will be presented.


Not only does OakTree treat the difficult task of promotions in a most excellent way, the company also provides support and training truly geared to the needs of the individual user of the software and resources. Another facet is the true helpfulness and gentle approach of the sales staff (no calls pestering a person to buy, buy, buy). A final part of the customer facing side of OakTree is technical support, which mirrors the knowledge, helpfulness, and patience of the sales staff.


This has been my attempt to explain why I am a very happy Accordance customer, and why I promote Accordance products. Operating a business is not an easy task—kudos for a job well done!


Thank you,

Joseph Sollenberger

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Based on historical momentum, or a resource not being available in Acc (yet), I still use BW and L. But overall, I greatly prefer Acc and promote it for the reasons Solly gave, and these additional ones:


i) their scholarly vision of the syntax databases;

ii) their offering of Modules like the Ugaritic Data Bank, which probably won't pay for themselves, but will provide scholarly dividends in the future;

iii) giving a long leash to each Member on the Forums, and rarely closing/locking a thread. They didn't even take down the latest open letter to Acc and Logos, "The sad state of Mobile Bible software;"

iv) their Mobile app, about which, see the marvelous features mentioned in "The sad state . . . ;

v) an intangible quality of humility, patience, and service. My case is a good example. Because of what I just mentioned, I have asked a lot of Acc. But they've been patient with me, and I can see now that they had to be extra patient with me for a while;

vi) recognizing that most Members are as passionate as they are about studying God's Word, and that feature requests, etc. are just a means to that end; conversely, their ability to bring us back down to earth with practical business and limited resource advice;

vii) their business/ministry ethics.


I once thanked Acc for their integrity, promise keeping, tenacity, thoroughness, humility, patience, and overall graciousness. Nothing has changed. And notice that both lists are of a perfect number of seven things.





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Amen to both your endorsements!   

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My main software is Logos, but Accordance has not disappointed so far. What really hooked me were the Paper feature and the quality of the Graphics (CARTA, BAR and other resources not available in Logos).


Great software!

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Thank you for taking time to share your compliments. It means a lot to those of us who work here at Accordance. Really.


I was a happy customer of Accordance for fourteen years before I became an employee. I did so, in part, for the very reasons mentioned in this thread.

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While I simply cannot add to all of the good things already mentioned about Oak Tree  Software the best I can do is to agree with what was said! Great company, great product. Nuff said!



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  • Building an Accordance library by cherry-picking is efficient: Marketing of sales is done a really great way; product pages indicate what software version I need (I did the upgrade to v.12, 30% off the already discounted upgrade path from v.10, I upgraded not really for the resource format as I could have managed well for another while but because of usefull new features introduced since v.10.4 and crash bug fixes that will help me use the software under Windows 10); I'm not forced to constantly upgrade Collections - so as I've preferred as little clutter as possible in my Accordance library I've just bought the smallest v. 8, 10, 12 Collections (also used v.9 through emulator) and continuing on this route indifferent to whether I could save a bit by buying a large Collection at an early point; posted reviews on product pages are to the point and not about non-applicable complaint; prices have always been competitive for as long as I've been buying.

Syntax databases by dr. Robert Holmstedt. Yet to buy - but I'm positive I will buy those specifically and not other similar.

Forums are very efficient to use and never feel like a waste of time in the least.

I've been able to fit Accordance perfectly into my plans for how to limit my otherwise excessive computer use. (For Windows Vista there are no completely up-to-date web-browsers, and currently a bug in the only free Antivirus: Avast, blocks many https pages, I purposefully bought such a laptop recently, it has Core 2 Extreme X7800 CPU (I don't promote Intel at all, AMD is the only way to go for everyone!!) and a Vista Business license - several parts in it have been replaced to new and better quality such as RAM is maxed out to 4 GB and faster than original. The limitations of this computer will make me surf less - I surfed on discussion boards, Facebook and chatted + emailed.) I'm SO HAPPY about this as I will accomplish more! I've recently found a half-Greek girl, and neither she nor her sister has ever had a computer and I wan't to model my life after a bit similar approach as her, and be interested in what hobbies, interests and talents she has, and we already planned on living in Jerusalem for 3 Months during the first half of 2019 - so additionally now I have a goal to make money before that to pay my part in full by myself. I had already been steadily preparing for an offline life.

I can buy modules with actual content instead of extremely obscure databases or fastest computers.

I know what my fund and it's morally the very right choice to support OakTree.

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