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Arabic Qur'an


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Has there been any consideration given to an Arabic Qur'an module? I have the Pickthall English translation as a user tool and even imported the entire Arabic text into another tool, but their searchability is limited and they cannot be synced together the way parallel Biblical texts can (or at least I have not figured out how to do this). Nor can I expand or highlight individual words of text to find out what they mean, etc. Such a resource would be extremely helpful for those who work in comparative religious studies or who work in interfaith settings.

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Thank you for this. I thought I'd seen something somewhere, but my searches for "Quran" in the forums was not successful. Must've been looking in the wrong place! Thanks again. 


Hi and welcome,

There are quite a lot of threads if you search the forum for 'Quran' but this one is quite encouraging.


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