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Syncing of folders / structure in my tool area


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The syncing in general works fine for me, both WIFI sync or dropbox, which I prefer.

I use iPad, iPhone and 2 Mac Laptops and 1 Windows Laptop. No real problem so far.


No I have been looking more into getting more User Tools into Accordance, have written an import script to automate this (https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/20404-user-tool-import—making-it-more-doable/?p=100256

and have create a little structure (folders) ordered by authors.


Unfortunately it seems that the structure is not respected during the sync, I would understand it (little bit) for iOS, but even on the other computers all the imported User Tools appear in a single list and no folders appeared.


Am I doing something wrong or is there no folder / structure sync at the moment?


Would be a big + for me, otherwise the list gets too messy.


Thanks a lot.


Best Regards

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