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Interlinear alignment problem


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I recently use interlinear a lot and it is really useful.


But when I use interlinear, original text and interlinear contents are not aligned.


It's like this.




This is because words of text and interlinear are not aligned.


This is not the worst case because I can see the interlinear contents though not aligned.


But when I move cursor to the end, I can't see any interlinear contents.




I think this is a bug and this makes me so annoying.

This is same on iOS.


Solution of this bug is aligning text and interlinear.




This is an image that I edited using Photoshop.


Please consider this in the future update.


Thank you.

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It is not so easy to do programmatically what you can do in Photoshop one instance at a time. Believe me, we tried! The simplest solution is to enlarge the font in the pane so that there is more room underneath for the other information.

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