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Finding null and overt subjects in one search

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


  I'm looking into an issue that is complicating cases where subjects may be null or overt. In such cases I cannot simply ask for Subjects because that will only return non-null subjects. Conversely if I have a Null - Subject elements in the same column I cannot find overt subjects.


  I am wondering why Subject does not just find all subjects. The restriction to exclude one type or another (null or overt) could be by an additional option or a change to the Null element to support a button indicating what to include or exclude. I realise this does not just affect the handling of Subject but also of other nullable elements and that's why I suspect we want a variation of the Null element, perhaps with a different name.


  If I've missed some way to do this please let me know. Also I'd be interested to know why the default is the way it is.


  As it stands I find myself constructing multiple variants of a search and OR'ing them together.


  EDIT: corrected bad grammar/typos in original post.




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