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Installing a module without easy install Wine on Linux?

David Purton

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I run Accordance 10.4.5 under Wine on Linux.


It runs pretty well, but installing new modules from easy install fails. The modules download but are not copied to the module directory or marked as installed. Upgrading modules doesn't automatically work, but I can manually copy the new module over the top of the old one and it is recognised.


I notice you can manually install a module from the Library pane, but how can you select a .atext (or .atool) module since these are directories under Windows? Just copying the module to the right location does not make it appear in the Library.


Interestingly, easy install does work with Accordance 12 under Wine, but there are too many redraw issues to realistically run version 12 under Wine. (Pity because apart from this version 12 looks nicer under Wine than version 10.)

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Hi David,

I only have the Acc Demo on Ubuntu at the moment, so I can't install a Module from the Library pane.

Are you saying that you can't navigate to Home/.wine/drive_c/ProgramFiles(x86)/Oaktree/Accordance/Resources/Modules/Tools , etc. from Acc?



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No, no problems with navigation. I mean the modules are seen as directories not files (because they are).


Copying modules to $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Oaktree/Accordance/Resources/Modules/Texts/ is not enough for them to actually appear in the accordance library. They also need to be actually added (either through easy install or within the Library window interface).

If I try and add a module from the library pane, it pops up a file selection dialog. But when I try to select a module (from anywhere on the disk), I end up just entering the directory. Perhaps this does not happen on a normal Windows computer but the idea of packaging files this way is a Mac thing not a Windows thing.




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