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how to find Psalm 151 in DSSB-C or DSSB-M?


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Dear Helen,


I tried to find out the psalms 151, 154, 155 in DSSB-C and DSSB-M, but failed.

Let me know how to..

Of course, do these modules contain these psalms?


Thanks to you, today I got CDs..

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I think you will find this non-canonical psalm in Qumran and Qumeng in 11Q5. It is rather hard to match the exact psalms and verses, though. The DSSB-E translation does contain it as well, and lines up with the psalm in the LXX.

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Thanks for your answer..


But when I try to look up Psalm 154 as you say, I need to know exactly the number of the column and lines from other reference books because I don't know at which column the psalm begins and ends.


As appearing in DSSM-C, if you insert the reference after the number of each column or line,

for example, 11Q5 18:1 {Psalm 154:3-19 = syriac Ps II},

it would be much easier also to look at what I want in the Qumran sectarian manuscripts.



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