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"Greek for the Rest of Us"

Justin Burt

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I have been teaching through the book "Greek for the Rest of Us" by William D. Mounce to a group of Indonesian Translators (translations to this point have been done using the KJV as their base text) and have been very impressed. The tools that are given in this book are very good for people who do not have the time to actually learn NT Greek. They allow them to use some of the basic features of programs like Accordance to gain insight into the "Greek behind the English". Having had 3 years of NT Greek myself, it is definitely not a replacement, but in Six Weeks it accomplishes a lot. I let them "Test Drive" Accordance during one of our classes and I was amazed at what they were able to do. The transition from what they learned to Accordance was not that bad, I think it helps that the author himself uses Accordance. They are currently saving to purchase the program themselves!

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