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"Search In" doesn't work


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"Search In" from the context menu doesn't work when the text is placed in folder.


For example, in case of my library structure (attachment), the following apply:


From ESV with Strong to NASB with Strong - doesn't work - because NASBS is in folder.

From NASB with Strong to ESV with Strong - does work - because ESVS is not in folder.


From NA28 to LXX Ralf's Tagged - doesn't work - because this LXX is folder.

From LXX Ralf's Tagged to NA28 - does work - because NA28 isn't in folder.


If I move NASB with Strong next to ESV with Strong (that is, take it out of folder), then ESVS to NASB does work.

The same with other texts.


Windows 10, Acc 11.2.2


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