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Tiger Tales

Helen Brown

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Tiger (OS 10.4) is now released officially, and many of our users have already upgraded to it. Accordance is fully compatible with Tiger, but some users have had problems with the Greek and Hebrew fonts.


If you do "Archive and Install" when you upgrade to Tiger, you should then reinstall Accordance 6.5.


Some people find the Greek and Hebrew fonts do not work initially, or do not work each time they restart. We have not yet isolated the problem, but please try the following fixes in order:

  1. Restart the Mac. If that does not help:
  2. Open your Hard Drive>Library>Fonts folder and double-click the "Accordance fonts" file. If that does not help:
  3. Remove the "Accordance fonts" file, and copy the individual fonts from a recent (Accordance 6 or above) CD-ROM Fonts folder, to this same folder. The font files you need to copy are Helena.fam, Helena.famTrueType, MSS font, Rosetta.fam, Rosetta.famTrueType, Yehudit.fam, and Yehudit.famTrueType. If that does not help:
  4. Double-click these individual files and click Install if necessary.

Please contact us by email to report any problems or solutions.

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We have now posted new installers for 6.5 which should take care of the problem in Tiger. If you still have a problem, remove the "Accordance fonts" file from the Hard Drive>Library>Fonts folder.

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