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Problem with Apparatus display in text of BHS ver. 1.5 (Deut 5:21; 24:17, etc.)


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I came across something curious while doing some text criticism in Deut. 5:21.


The BHS text prepends a Dalet to תִתְאַוֶּה whereas the WMT does not. I called a fellow seminary student and he did not have the differences in his BHS accordance module.


After a little more digging, we discovered he has BHS 1.4 and I have BHS 1.5. It appears in the new module that the text critical markers in the actual BHS text are messed up. The error occurs with leading letters when a set of letters highlights a range in the text. The leading letter renders as a hebrew letter instead of an english letter. See the attached images for examples. The text is pasted below.


Deut 5:21 - ד before תִתְאַוֶּה should be English d.





Deut 24:17 - א before יָתוֹם should be English a.




I'll send in a text correction as well, but this is a pretty significant problem with the text if it is widespread. I think I remember seeing something similar in Ruth, but I can't remember which verse.

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Yes, this is an issue with the current build of the BHS. We're looking into it now. Expect a fix soon.



Thanks Mark. Good to know I wasn't going crazy and forgetting some rule or unaware of some way the BHS Apparatus tagged stuff.

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