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Unexpectedly helpful preaching/teaching resources?

Abram K-J

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This kind of thread already exists on the forums, but I thought I'd ask--especially with preaching and teaching in mind--what resources in Accordance have you found unexpectedly useful in sermon and teaching preparation? I.e., commentaries, texts, and tools in Accordance that might not have been as familiar, or ending up being even more helpful than you thought they would be?


For me, The Torah: A Modern Commentary fits that bill. It was a great help to me when I preached through Genesis last fall. I was even quite happy to find that using the Info Pane recently brought up some commentary on Ezekiel 37 (as a Haftorah) from that volume.


Also, Bonhoeffer's Discipleship was instrumental in my preaching through the Sermon on the Mount last year--as good as (or better than) any other Matthew 5-7 commentary I've ever seen--and there are a lot! At the time I started preaching those chapters, I didn't realize just how deep with the biblical text that book goes.

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A K-J...


I appreciate these kinds of suggestions.


Would the Bonhoeffer volume on Discipleship show up as a commentary in the Info Pane when working through the Sermon on the Mount?  Maybe not, but thought I would ask.


Thanks.  Steve



Oh... the link to Bonhoeffer's Discipleship points to the Torah Commentary.

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Abram is correct, it won’t show up in the info pane because it’s not a reference work (i.e. ordered by Bible references). Because the info pane is actually a parallel pane it will only show works that can be placed in an parallel pane (i.e. cross-references, reference-arranged works like commentaries).


In the Library pane, Bonhoeffer is auto-sorted to Tools/Writings.

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