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Timeline custom items obscuring others

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


Win 7

Acc 11.0.3


I've been experimenting with adding my own region layers and item lists and so on.


I create a region "Mesopotamia with Languages".

I added five User Items based on wikipedia's definitions for periods of various Akkadian languages. Don't worry for the moment about the validity of that data. I needed some data so that's what I took. It looks like this :


  • Old Akkadian, 2500–1950 BC
  • Old Babylonian/Old Assyrian, 1950–1530 BC
  • Middle Babylonian/Middle Assyrian, 1530–1000 BC
  • Neo-Babylonian/Neo-Assyrian, 1000–600 BC
  • Late Babylonian, 600 BC–100 AD

Then I created a Custom List called "Akkadian Languages" and added all those items to it. So far so good.

I created my own Item Layer called Languages and set the custom list to Akkadian Languages.


Cool - got a nice timeline in Mesopotamia - the region for my Region layer.


Then I thought I'll add the Mesopotamian rulers to this.

I edited my custom list and added them. Ignore the semantic pollution of kings in a language list for a moment.


See the image below. My Old Babylonian is running straight through Hammurabi.




I have tried zooming in or out but it makes little difference if any.


This may be generic but I have only tried on Windows so far.




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Placing the items on the Timeline was not easy, and certainly custom items may not always play nicely with our items.

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I understand it's a bit tricky to layout but given the vertical space available is essential infinite, given scroll bars, it should be possible. I don't know why user defined items would be different from others with respect to how they are laid out for display. I would not have expected a dependency there.




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