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Bullets in User Tools

Ryan Kilgore

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Hi everybody,


I've made a quick reference from Wallace's Greek grammar in Pages, and am trying to make it into a User Tool in Accordance. The problem is that I've filled it with bullet points, and the User Tool doesn't seem to like them, so I end up with just a bunch of text that's difficult to quickly navigate (thus largely hindering the purpose of a "quick reference"), even when spaced out instead of bulleted. I've tried exporting it to html from Pages, then importing. The bullets get replaced by a wierd symbol and the formatting is all off. I've also tried copy/paste, since it isn't exceedingly long, but the bullets aren't preserved in any fashion. The usual CMD+| doesn't seem to create a bullet point, and I'm guessing now that it's not possible to have bullets in Accordance. Does anybody know if this is true? If so, maybe it could become part of a feature request in upgraded User Tool functionality.


In a related thought, and since I just now notice that this post is similar in nature to the one here about hanging indents, I'm curious why Accordance uses its own text management system? Other apps such as VoodooPad use OS X's built-in RTF and just rely on that (although it has its own limitations of course). Anyway, just some thoughts!


Thanks for the help!



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I'd try this. It is a good idea to rely upon TextEdit's save as HTML rather than Word's... You get a cleaner result. It will help with the fact that styles aren't handled by the User Tool Importer, and bulleted lists get converted just as indented lists.


1. Open your document in Word, then copy and paste it into a rich text TextEdit document. This will convert the bulleted styles into manual bullets.

2. Then, to stay in the lower ascii range, do a Find & Replace all, replacing

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