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Greek Psalms: Resources for Reading

Abram K-J

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Hi, everyone,


This needs its own thread: resources for reading through the Greek Psalms. So here it is.


I mentioned in another thread that I have an Evernote note started that compiles a bunch of resources (print and electronic) for reading through the Greek Psalms. The Evernote note (see it here) is where I'm keeping a master list of resources of which I'm aware. Graham Buck and Tony Pyles have added to it already.


I've also just written a blog post this morning with a limited selection of what's in my Evernote. Note: I link to Accordance and BibleWorks and Logos in the post--that's to be inclusive of anyone reading. I will be primarily be using Accordance and print texts (especially The Comparative Psalter that I mention) for my reading.


Here's my question to you fine folks who are reading...


Would you be willing to (in these comments) add suggestions for resources you have? Then I can add it to the Evernote note and keep it up-to-date. I'll cross-post this in the Facebook group, too.


I'm still new-ish to Evernote, so perhaps someone could let me know if they have any trouble accessing the link. It should be view-only in the link above. But I can make it editable for anyone who wants.

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