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Possible bug w/Quick Entry and a range of verses

Paul Daunno

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This problem seems to be related to the new Quick Entry in v.11. When I type in a range of verses and it spans books, if I don't include spaces on either side of the dash it seems like quick entry tries to match all Bible books that start with a 1, 2, or 3 depending on what I'm typing. Notice in the screenshots below that if I type "Ex 40:34-Lev 1" it brings up the books that start with "1", "Ex 40:34-Lev 2" brings up the books that start with "2", etc.




If I put a space on either side of the dash it works as I would expect it to




Not sure if this is a bug (seems that way) or was designed that way (hope not). Please look into it and thanks!


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