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First line hidden when moving pane up

Douglas Fyfe

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When i add a new pane (notes, tools) and it appears below,

and then i move it up,

the first line of my left-most text disappears as you can see.post-16381-0-23565600-1417391017_thumb.jpg


if you look at this one, it's a bunch of verses.



it happens right at the beginning also:



I've restarted and it continues.

have tried it with a bunch of texts.


it's possible to clear it not by scrolling, but by resizing the pane slightly - it makes it look as if the first line was just hidden.


be good to see if others can repeat.

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i should add, it only happens when dragging, not by selecting 'move up'.

look at this one (was originally hebrew left & english central. I swapped them, then added WBC and dragged it up):


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Hi Douglas,


I'm unable to reproduce this error on Win 8.1, which you're also using. Could you give the exact steps (which modules to open, and perhaps even where and how to drag, etc.)?



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I just tried it several times - it worked (hid the line) not the first time, but every time since.


This time, with NIV11-EGK and a combined pane with HMTW4 and NA28,

I entered Gal. into the search bar, hit enter.

then I clicked on 'add parallel' and selected NICNT from my recently used modules, which opened under the two parallel panes.

Then I clicked and held on the area between NICNT and the x (to close the pane) and dragged it up to the right of the other two panes.

And voila, the first two verses of Galatians 1 are obscured.


I'm fairly sure it's the dragging.

I just tried opening NJB, which opened as a column (vertical), then clicked 'move down' (so far so good),

but then I dragged it up and precisely the same thing happened.

If I drag it to the left, it's the first five verses of of NJB which disappear.



Whichever is left-most disappears,

and it happens fairly consistently.

See when I drag NICNT up to the left.



It's not a biggie - easily fixed - but often (not always) reproducible).



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even when I have one pane open, add any parallel that opens below, drag it up, it repeats.

Like this:post-16381-0-48332100-1418077985_thumb.jpg

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I get a similar problem even when having the same text in parallel with itself.


It happens when I use the scroll wheel.



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