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Sermon illustrations in accordance?


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Hello everyone,


I read somewhere on the web that starting with version 5 Accordance supports adding sermon illustrations. Would that be as user notes/tools? Would I be able to add meta data like topic(s), key words, etc?


Also, is there any way to look for sermon illustrations across websites/local files?


Many thanks,




Ps: I'm not asking for a new feature :)

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I would presume this was a reference to the User Tools feature.


There is a sermon illustrations user tool available at Accordance Exchance. I'm not familiar with its contents, though.


There is not a keyword/meta data function in User Tools, but there are some options to approximate what you are talking about.


1) Enter your keywords in the "body" of an article in user tools, and search for those key words using the "Content" setting in the search window. However, this means you may get hits that aren't actually key words. For example, if you are searching for Jeremiah (as in the prophet), you might also find the song lyrcis "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"--assuming you'd added the latter as a sermon "illustration." :rolleyes:


2) Enter your keywords as a title/sub title and search for key words using the "Titles" setting. This would reduce the number of hits that aren't actual key words.


3) If you don't anticipate needing to search for transliterated Greek or Hebrew words in this tool, you could enter all the keywords in Rosetta font.


There is not a way for Accordance to search the web or local files for sermon illustrations.

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