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How do I get started with Tischendorff apparatus

Jonna Schmidt

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My name is Jonna Schmidt, and I purchased the Tischendorff apparatus a few months ago. Do you have any manuals to help me get started? For example, I was reading Bart Ehrman' book, Misquoting Jesus with regards to Mark 1:41. I am trying to understand the textual variant which Ehrman refers to:


splagcn. : D05 a ff2. orgisqei

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First, it looks like you might have some font issues. I'm not sure if they look like this in your Accordance or just on my browser. Here is what you posted should look like...




For reading the apparatus notes and intro, it is easier to open the module in it's own window (not under the text). This will allow you to better access and read the introductions. Then browse down to the section on "Reading Tischendorf" for help on how to read the apparatus. I use the Browser on the left of the module which expands like a table of contents (Click the triangle beside "Browser" near the text sizing buttons).




Billy Todd

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