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Using scroll wheel while hovering over library panel crashes program

G Morris

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I am using Accordance 11.0.1 on Windows 7 Professional.


To reproduce this problem:

1. Start Accordance

2. Move mouse to left over the library panel. Do not click there.

3. Use mouse scroll wheel


The Accordance window disappears from the desktop. Restarting Accordance starts the recovery process to load last automatic save file.


I would expect nothing to happen until I clicked somewhere in the library panel.


Note: Clicking in the library panel before using the scroll wheel works fine.

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G Morris, thanks for the report. However, we are having trouble reproducing this issue for ourselves. Which part of the Library is your cursor over when you use the scroll wheel? Does it crash immediately or after a little bit of scrolling? What other zones are open besides the Library?

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Thanks for taking a look at the problem. I did some more extensive tests since you were not able to reproduce the problem. I found that the problem does not occur if any book is open. I originally thought the problem occurred whether other zones were active or not, but that is not the case.


The problem does occur if the library is the only zone open. It turns out that the crash occurs wherever the cursor is, except if it is on the tool bars. It can be over any location on the library zone or over the grey area where the books open.

The crash occurs immediately after the scroll wheel is moved.


This is obviously not a major error, but it is a surprise when it occurs.

Sorry, I should have done some more extensive testing before reporting the problem.

Btw, congratulations on the version 11 release. I'm enjoying the new features.


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Wow ! That is a surprise when it happens. Acc closes immediately.

I had a a workspace with books open. I opened a new workspace and closed the default text leaving just the library.

Mouse over the library and scroll the thumbwheel and Acc disappeared immediately.


I'm on Win 7 with Acc 11.0.1.




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