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"Superimpose as overlay" graph default setting not saved

Simon Cozens

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To reproduce:

  1. Run a search for "sin" in KJV.
  2. Hit display.
  3. Add an analysis graph. (This is my default graph format.)
  4. Open "Set Graph Display", change superimpose type to "Overlay". Change color of the first hit from red to orange. Hit "Use as default", OK, and confirm.
  5. Close the details window, empty the search bar.
  6. Search again for "sin" in KJV.
  7. Hit display, add analysis graph.

The graph is orange not red, confirming that this setting has been saved but unfortunately, is overlayed as stacked; the overlay setting has not been saved.

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Yes, you are correct, not all the graph settings will save as default for each type of graph and for each text. We added these new graphs recently, and I think that is a lot of defaults to save. However, if you save the session and reuse it, the settings should be preserved.

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