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Text error or font glitch?


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Text error or font glitch?


At Heb 7:2 the GNT-TRS has the opening parenthesis the wrong side of the space—see the GNT-TR, which is correctly punctuated.

The same in Heb 7:11.

The same in Heb 10:7.

The same in Heb 10:8.


Also, at Heb 11:21

The GNT-TR has ??????????

The TRS has ?????????? without the iota subscript. Which is correct?

The GNT-NA, GNT-T, & follow the GNT-TR.


[Edit - the Greek text was corrupted on upload]


Doing "compare texts" on the GNT-TR and GNT-TRS brings up quite a few difference in punctuation/accents in Hebrews—I've not looked anywhere else.


I'm using GNT-TR version 3.2 and GNT-TRS version 1.1.


Is the GNT-TRS a faulty text or is there some new kind of font strangeness happening?



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It looks like the GNT-TR text has been corrected, as I know it has, but these corrections have not yet been transferred to the GNT-TRS.


To post Greek on the Forum, next time, set your Preferences/Greek & Hebrew to export to Unicode.

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