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Highlight Sentence option appears in text but doesn't work

Lorinda H. M. Hoover

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To reproduce:


(NOTE: It may be necessary to have the NIDB installed and set as the default dictionary)


-open the CEB to Joshua 24:18. [i can reproduce in NRSVS, too; haven't tried other texts)

-Tap and hold on the first LORD in the sentence. And ID box appears with a definition from the default dictionary (in my case NIDB). At the bottom of this popup are the options Copy Highlight Search and Amplify.

-Click on Highlight

-You are now presented with Word Sentence and Paragraph as options

-Click on Sentence

-Choose a highlighting style from the Highlights popup

-popup disappears, but highlights do not take


I believe the problem is that Word-Sentence-Paragraph options are only supposed to be available in Tools. I don't get these options if I tap and hold on words not found as entries in NIDB. (e.g. tapping and holding on "driven" gives only the options for copy-highight-search-and amplify, without a full ID popup, but tapping and holding on Amorites leads to the same effect as LORD) SInce the ID box is pulling info from a tool, it is also using the highlight options for a tool, even though I'm working in a text.



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