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Hi, I was wondering if we should have a new section created in the forum. I accept that this is an accordance forum but we do have mainly mac and windows wisdom for general non accordance topics and I couldn't see anything on exchange.


Gordon posted a useful link to the Jewish bible quarterly site following our current offers and seeing a post in the exchange chain for the bcp prompted me to think about the CoE website where there are a lot of useful liturgical tools available. https://www.churchofengland.org/prayer-worship/worship.aspx


I am aware that there are a lot of resources available on the web which we stumble across and that we have a tremendous resource in this forum, I am learning a lot as new areas are being opened up in the discussions, and just wondered if we should have an area where we can post links that aid us in our learning or preparing worship that may be of benefit to others rather than them getting lost in general threads. (I often respond, just so I can find them again later more easily as they are then in my topics.)


(Could be responsible resources or publishers portals)

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