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I'm reading the First Hebrew Primer. I find the following navigation phenomena a little disconcerting:


1) When I use the Page-Down key to move forward in the text, and then use the Arrow-Up or Arrow-Down keys to fine tune my location, the current location jumps back to the page I started from. I've been able to work around this problem by using Control-Arrow-Up and Control-Arrow-Down in place of the Page-Up and Page-Down keys.


2) When I click a link to listen to an audio such as Oral Review, instead of playing the audio the current location skips to the next instance of "Oral Review" which is not a link. I've been able to work around this by remembering to click the speaker icon to the right of the Oral Review link.


3) Finally, and I realize this has nothing to do with navigation, when I do listen to an audio by clicking on the speaker icon, the audio playback window will not close when the audio is finished. This means that I can't listen to another audio without first closing Accordance. I have been able to work around this by locating the audios in the C:\ProgramData\Accordance\Modules\Tools\First Hebrew Primer.atool\Resources folder, and then playing the audio with another program.


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I must have been delusional on the day I wrote the work around for item 1) above. It's not working anymore. :wacko:


To get Accordance to remember where it's at, I have to click on the page with my mouse, and make sure that the cursor has moved to that spot. Otherwise, the next time I touch an arrow key I may find myself in another galaxy. :rolleyes:

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