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Aramaic words linking to English in ESV in Ezra 4:9

Martin Z

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Here is the weird thing:


Two Aramaic words linked to one English word:




Two English words linked to one Aramaic word:



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Hi Martin,


Thank you for letting us know. I have reproduced the same issue. For this and similar mistakes, please e-mail corrections@accordancebible.com so we can get these fixed.



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I happened to be working on some other Hebrew issues so went ahead and looked into this. It had to do with incorrect wording of lexical forms in our ESVS database. Accordance was using the incorrect forms to try and cross-highlight to the BHS text, thus highlighting wrong words (or two words with similar letters). This has now been corrected and the highlighting works properly. We'll release an update to the ESVS to reflect this at some point relatively soon.


Thanks for the report. And, yes, please email or report in-app to ensure we can track and fix these in the future.

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