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BUG - Updates in Strange Location

Matt Fredenburg

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I just ran a search on a User Group that contains all of what I have categorized as Bible dictionaries. When I did so, I received four prompts for the following resources:


IVP-Jesus & Gospels
IVP-Paul & Letters
Eerdmans Dictionary
Unfortunately, I'm accustomed to this happening after module updates, and so I navigated to C:\ProgramData\Accordance\Modules\Tools to find the modules, but none of them were there. Turns out that the four modules in question are now located in C:\ProgramData\Accordance\.
Double unfortunately, even when I did find the module location, when I attempted to install it, I received the following error:
Additionally, there was file created named WinExcept.txt which contains the following text:
OpenFileWithOptions, C:\ProgramData\Accordance\IVP-Jesus & Gospels.atool -- theErr :: 0
OS:6.1 Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2
Memory load (MB): 52% Physical: 16382 Avail: 7766
Free disk user (MB): 152074 All free: 152074
So, for each 'missing' module, I did what I have learned to do in the past:
  1. Right-click on the module that Accordance has mistakenly determined to be missing and select 'Remove Item'
  2. Then, in the Library panel, click on the +- icon and select 'Add New Modules'
  3. Navigate to where the module is located, select it, and commit my choice.


Two observations:

  1. Even though I had removed the module from the Library, it still showed up in Bible dictionary user group, and when I double-clicked on it to open it, Accordance vanished (i.e. crashed with no dialog)
  2. Even after re-adding the modules, I still could not open them and was prompted by the same 'Where is...' dialog, so I have a feeling I can't re-add these 'missing' modules because of where the update process placed them.


So, to sum up, there are multiple bugs:

  • Updated modules are being placed in the wrong location (at least this seems to be the case)
  • Updates to modules should not cause them to disappear and need to be re-added
  • If a module is somehow determined to be 'missing' by Accordance, 'finding' it should not entail having to first remove the module, and then re-adding it.
  • Modules which have been removed still remain in User groups and cause Accordance to crash when attempting to open them



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This is a known bug, sorry for the hassles. The next rev should be much better. You can in fact move the modules to their correct location and then point Accordance to the module inside the package, but it is a hassle!

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