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Word/Verse doesn't distinguish John 1:5 from John 1


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Good afternoon all!


I've posted a question about problems with the automatic word/verse search feature in iOS here, and was told that it was a bug.


I searched the forums and found something related here, and though this doesn't exactly get to what's happening, I thought it might be helpful to note for reference.


What is happening is that when I search for the word John, the search results are produced as expected. Without manually changing the search mode, I should be able to enter "John 1:5" in the argument box. I get this error depicted in the attached screenshot.


On the other hand, if I enter "John 1" in the argument box, the search results pull up the first chapter of John.


Simply put, the bug doesn't seem to be allowing the search to automatically switch between word and verse and doesn't distinguish between John 1 and John 1:5 in the argument box.


I should also add that the buggy behavior only occurs when the default search mode is "word." Perhaps this was the workaround in the April 2013 thread. I'll switch it for now, but I did want to call it to someone's attention. After trying the workaround, searching for Joshua in verse mode just brings up Joshua 1 and not various verse entries with Joshua in them.


Thanks for your hard work, Accordance Dev Team!


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