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Any neuter plural and third singular verb

Jonathan C. Borland

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Hello Accordancers!


I'm fiddling with the syntax feature without much success. Of course, I'd like to find the places in Matthew where the neuter plural subject takes a third singular verb. I'm attaching a screenshot.




So what parameters should I use to come up with some of the hits like these below?


10:2 - ονοματα εστιν
10:29 - στρουθια ... πωλειται
13:4 - α ... επεσεν
13:4 - πετεινα ... κατεφαγεν
13:26 - εφανη ... ζιζανια
13:40 - ζιζανια ... συλλεγεται ... καιεται
15:27 - κυναρια εσθιει
Many thanks in advance!
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Hey Jonathan,


I tried your construct and it found the following verses in Matt. I actually restricted the search to Matt to save time and make the cross-checking simpler.


[Daniel-Semlers-iMac:~/Documents/AccordanceUserTools/WallaceInAccordance] dsemler% findVerseRefs.py JonathanBorland.results
Matt. 10:2
Matt. 10:29
Matt. 11:27
Matt. 13:4
Matt. 13:5
Matt. 13:7
Matt. 13:8
Matt. 15:18
Matt. 15:27
Matt. 17:2
Matt. 24:3
Matt. 24:34
Matt. 6:33

What I would do next is look at 8:20. 13:26, 13:40 and work out from the syntax charts how the structures differ from those in the ones it found. I've been doing an exercise on the predicate nominative as defined in Wallace and have been finding certain constructions easier to find than others.


I notice that your search results in your image do not appear to have found some of these verses. My scope is set to chapter not book. See if that helps.




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Thanks, Daniel!


Setting the scope to chapter is apparently exactly what I was lacking. The results look much better now!





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