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Hebrew Search mit Commands


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Accordance 10.3.4 on Windows 8.1 x64:

(Sorry for the mistyped title - it should be Hebrew Search with Commands)


I have real trouble with a simple search command. I want to search certain verbs in a certain books of the BHS.

What I entered manually:

[verb piel perf]




The result looks like this:post-29973-0-52917300-1390029350_thumb.png


When I hit enter an error pops up saying the <AND> is at the wrong place.



On the Mac version it says "The text you entered could not be found" and suggests literal search.


Once I managed to get the order right so that the search could be performed, but I don't remember what I did. It is really hard to change to order anyway, because there is no cut and paste and I didn't figure out how to get the cursor in the right place (using POS1 / END or using the mouse )

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Hi Elijah,

with Hebrew is really is easier to use the menus.


So using the menus, SEARCH => ENTER TAG => VERB...


then select piel and perfect from the drop down tags.


Then add the <AND> command, either from the menu or the shortcuts (as you have done)


and then the <RANGE> command, again from the menu or the shortcuts.


before you click anywhere else, while the ? is still selected, type the range you want, then press return and it should be voila!

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Thanks, that works. It would be great however if it would be possible without using the menu like it is with Greek searches.

I normally type my searches as soon as I know the commands like [verb ...] etc.

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I too prefer to type command searches I must say.

Anyhow to type this one you can do :


select Hebrew text - I don't have BHS so used HMT-W4

select word search

type : [verb piel perf] <SPACE> {right arrow key} CTRL-SHFT-A {right arrow} CTRL-SHFT-Recc


If there is a space between the preceding command and the cursor when hit the new command shortcut it places it correctly. If not it seems to put it in RTL order. This basically looks like its a confusion between when to use RTL and LTR in the tool Looks like a bug to me but perhaps there is a proper way to do this. Its certainly not as straightforward as the Greek.




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