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User Definable Customizable Output

Mick Matousek

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I note several forum posts in a similar vein concerning changing output formats.






I haven't yet posted my desire for formatting enhancements to the parsing and syntax windows.


If output formats are hard coded, then this is a never ending process for OakTree, much like the keyboard shortcuts. There is no way to please everyone.


I'd like to suggest the creation of a new feature for user definable, customizable output from Accordance. There is no way to presuppose how future output could be used, paper, citations, email, word processor, overhead projection, ad hoc, etc.


With the new feature, each user could determine the output formatting, default formats would still exist as currently.


1-Cut and Paste formatting

2-Printing formatting

3-Window formatting


I'm sure all the above is too much to attack at once, yet the idea might hold promise to incremental enhancements.

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the idea might hold promise to incremental enhancements.

Quite a bit of promise.

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We have considered this, but it would not be easy, and would slow down the output since normally it reproduces what is on the screen.


I suggest saving a window with your favorite text(s) in mutiple panes. One can show your preferred window format, others your preferred print or copy formats. You can link this window to your search window with the LINK command and it will display the same verses. Thus when you need to copy or print a specific format, you can select the verses which are already in the display of your choice. before we had a Copy References option, I routinely used this to show a pane with References only.

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