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CTRL+F bevahior


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Accordance on Windows 8.1 x64:

Normal behavior for CTRL+F in Windows is that some kind of search is opened/comes into focus.

In Accordance I would have expected that the cursor jumps to search field of the current zone.


By accident I found out that Accordance does this when I just start typing anything (the same on Mac). The problem with that is that the cursor always jumps to the beginning of the search-field and not where it was before.


I would prefer the CTRL+F to be used to set the focus on the search box.

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A simple way to demonstrate what Elijah is talking about is to open the tried and true Notepad. Hit Ctrl-F (there must be some text in the document in order for the dialog to appear), type 'foo' into the search box and then Enter to execute the search. Then close the Find dialog box, then hit Ctrl-F again. You'll see that the text in the search field is selected/highlighted.


In Accordance, let us say that I have opened the ESV and I have done a word search for 'expanse'. Let us further assume that I have highlighted and copied some text from the search results. If I press Ctrl-F, nothing happens. It seems that the cursor and focus should be shifted to the search area, no?


If I then manually place the cursor into the search area by clicking within it and I press Ctrl-F, I get a dialog with no title that says 'Field proximity: Begin, End', but the shortcut for that should be Ctrl-Shift-F, no?




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