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Difficulty changing Context Setting

Lorinda H. M. Hoover

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I'm having a really hard time efficiently changing the context setting in Accordance for iOS. Here's my scenario from yesterday:


I had NRSVS open to a particular pericope (say, for example, John 11).

In the second "pane" I had the Cross References module open.

I would touch a cross reference (say, for example, Genesis 48:1 in the cross references for John 11:1), then press the Amplify button. The display changes to show Genesis 48:1 in the upper/left pane.

Now I touch the magnifying glass icon, then choose Options, then Set Context To All, then press the Done button.

I'm returned to the previous screen, but with most of the contents darkened/greyed out; but I can tell context isn't showing. If I tap in the search entry box, a blinking cursor appears, but the keyboard does not, meaning I can't hit the "search" button. (Note that half the time, touching the search box erases the verse notation, probably because I'm touching to close to the x)

I have to tap below the search box (in the darkened area), which "turns the lights back on" in that section and hides the search box.

Then I must tap the magnifying glass icon; now I get a keyboard below and can hit "search", and then I get the context I wanted.


Ideally, I'd like to see the context change immediately, without having to search again. If not that, at the very least, I shouldn't have to tap out of search mode and tap back in to get the keyboard I need.


Also, If I went back to my original search (John 11) using the arrow keys, the next time I amplified, it was back to no context again.


I did realize today that I could tap and hold on the verse reference and choose show in context, which helps, but I still think the missing keyboard issue is a bug.



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