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CD Rom Communication for XP

Joseph H.

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I am on page 8 of the Basilisk II manual trying to set up the CD ROM communication. There is no mention of which one of these files you download for Windows XP only Windows 95,98,Me,NT and 2000.

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Perhaps you have an older manual? In my manual on page 8 it reads:


"If you are running WinNT, Win2000, or WinXP

1. Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to go to C:\accpc\CD-Rom Drivers\NT4 -Win2K and XP.

2. Copy the file cdenable.sys from there to C:\Windows\system32\drivers.

Note: If you used an installer dated before Nov. 2002, you will find these files in C: MacStuff."


It then goes on to show an example in Win XP. If you can't find an updated manual on the web site, send me a personal message with your email address and I'll email you the manual I have.

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