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multiple hard disks on emulator


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That is a very good question, and not so easy to answer! I have 5 virtual hard drives to accommodate all the Accordance files on the emulator, so it can be done, but is not easy.


First I would make sure that your primary drive for Accordance is the full 2 Gigs. If you first installed Accordance on the OS Drive, it barely has room for anything other than the system. If necessary, copy the Accordance folder from that drive to a new one, and delete the original folder.


Secondly, you should install into your primary drive all the CD-ROMs and modules that have passwords, if at all possible. To make more space available on that drive for new modules, AFTER you run Accordance and verify that the new modules are "added" to the pop-up menus, you can copy the larger modules to another drive and delete them from the primary drive. Then, when you first attempt to access the module from Accordance you will need to point it to the new location. By juggling the space in this way, you should be able to install the Library, the Scholar's Collection, and the Bibles and any other unlocks, into your Accordance folder, even if some modules are subsequently moved elsewhere.


For CD-ROMs with large modules but no unlock codes (PhotoGuide, Anchor, BAR, etc.) you can simply copy the modules to another drive, and then use the Open command or Add Module button in Accordance and navigate to that location to open and add them.


The new Atlas is a special case. I would create a virtual drive just for it, install onto it, copy the Maps and User Layers settings files to the Accordance Preferences in your main Accordance folder, and then use Accordance to open the backgrounds and Altitude data from their location.


In your case you should either reinstall the Library into your original Accordance program, or reinstall the older materials into the new folder.


Sorry for the hassles. Do call us for tech support if you run into problems.

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