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[Q]Searching Same Verb with different form


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In Gen 15:10, there is a verb bt"r (to cut).

In the verse, the verb bt"r is used two diffent patterns: Piel, and Paal.


Like the verse, I want to search other verses which have a verb with diffent patterns.

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Piece of cake!


1. set up a Hebrew Construct linked to a BHS-W4 text;


2. drag two VERB elements to the two rightmost columns;


3. set up two AGREE connectors, one by Lexical form and one NOT by Stem;


4. specify a WITHIN range (I used 100) since otherwise, it will look for two adjacent verbs.



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Thanks for you cake... :D

I made Hebrew Construct Table like this




According to above table, the word order is "Piel" and after "Qal".

However, I want to find above cases and "Qal" and after "Piel" cases too.

How can I do?... I need your more generous answer, please.

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