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Found 18 results

  1. Kristin

    workspace not in libary

    I created a workspace and saved it. It says the name of the workspace at the top, so I know it saved, yet if I close it, I can't find it in my library. I tried closing Accordance and re-opening it, but it is still not there. If I go to my documents on my computer where the Accordance stuff is I see it, and if I click it there it opens fine, but it still does not show in the library. Any ideas? Thanks, Kristin
  2. This is an odd bug which only started after updating the program. BEFORE I updated, if I had workspace A open with HALOT or BDAG and clicked on a word, it would show me the word there etc. Then if I moved to a new workspace, say workspace B and clicked on a word, HALOT would obviously open in B, since I had just clicked a word in B. On a Mac if I press the F3 key to show everything open, I would see workspace A and B with HALOT showing the words in each workspace. AFTER I updated and I had A open with HALOT and then if I clicked on a word in B, HALOT does NOT open in B, but shows up in A. This loses the HALOT entry in workspace A and replaces it with workspace B, even though the word studies of A and B are totally unrelated. I have tried to describe this the best I can, so hopefully it makes sense. It would help if it was how it was before, where if I click on a word in a workspace, that the HALOT or BDAG entry opens in that workspace, instead of recycling a totally unrelated workspace. Kristin
  3. Manuel Brambila

    Unused Workspaces

    Hi, How can I remove from this list (delete forever) the workspaces I don't use? Thank you.
  4. lslapides

    Adding Workspaces

    I am running Accordance 13.1.1 and am having the hardest time adding a workspace to My Workspaces. I see the menu choice to add the specific workspace, but then nothing happens when I click on that option. The workspace is saved in Accordance files. I do not think this is a bug as I have had this problem before. Thanks!!
  5. Steve Walton

    Choosing tabs by name

    May be mistaken, but I cannot find a way to select a tab by its name, and it would help me to do so—the standard workspace I use for working on a commentary on Acts has over 40 tabs open, and it would be helpful to be able to select by names I've given to the tabs. Is there a way to do this already (other than cycling through tabs, which takes a long time with 40+ tables open!), or could this be a feature in an update, please?
  6. bandnerd321

    Workspace Tabs on One Window

    Hi there! I think it would be wonderful if there was a quick and easy way to open workspaces as tabs on the same open window rather than opening up entire new windows. I have attached a screenshot of what I am talking about. What is labeled "Sermon Preparation," "English Study," and "NT Study" are all actual workspaces that are in the same window but in different tabs. I have found a way to accomplish this, but I wish there was a faster and easier way to accomplish it.
  7. Hello, I'm a recent convert to Accordance, after using Logos Bible Software for well over 20 years. We are in our first year of adopting Accordance at the college where I teach. I made a commitment to use Accordance this semester in the classroom, whereas before I was use the other software. It has worked well. Currently, I am retrofitting an online course in hermeneutics, that was designed TOTALLY to use Logos Bible Software, adapting it to Accordance. I'm under a deadline, so I need to get this finished out. Anyway, on the Exchange, I have found some workspaces created Luis Zaldana in 2014 titled, Exegetical Guide, Passage Guide, and Bible Word Study. I have the Exegetical Guide on my screen right now (see image). My question is this: How can I delete resources from the ones listed on the left side of the Workspace (from the categories of TEXTS, MY TOOLS, DICTIONARIES, COMMENTARIES, etc.), so that the ones listed match the libraries that we are having our students purchase. I've got quite a few more resources in MY PERSONAL library. I would like to share internally that adapted workspace (and others I can adapt) to the students who will use this course. I'm thankful for your responses. http://davidfish.info/ExegeticalGuideWorkspace.jpg
  8. jeff_melton

    migrating to new PC

    My search fu is broken today, I guess, 'cause I can't find an answer to this: I'm moving to a new PC. I'm using Dropbox sync with Accordance, so I know all my content and notes will get synced in, but I have a pretty customized set of colors and fonts. Is it possible for me to copy those to a new PC somehow? Will my workspace layout get synced with Dropbox, or do I need to grab that, too? I feel like I've done it before, but I don't remember how. I'm hoping they're kept separately and I can just grab that file. Anyone have a full Windows path? TIA and stuff.
  9. Sorry for asking this question, it seems so simple, but why can't I open up a new workspace by simple selecting one of the workspaces from the drop down menu (under workspaces)? Currently, every time I do that it says "In order to search for words, there must be a valid selection in the pane.". I then have to highlight a random word and then go back and click on the module I want to open. I even have "Require selection for amplifying" deselected. So I'm wondering why do I have to select a word? Is there anyway around this? Do I have do deselect something? Thanks kindly!
  10. I just upgraded to Accordance 12.1 this morning. I had been running Accordance 11. When I upgraded, I can not open my old workspace. When I attempt to do so, Accordance crashes every time. For now I re-downloaded 11.2.5, re-installed it, and the workspaces are working fine. Any suggestions? In Christ, Bret PS For further info, I an on a mid 2011 MacBookPro, running 10.10.5 (Yosemite). And I have 16 GB of RAM.
  11. Grrrr....I have spent hours now trying to create two workspaces, one for textual comparison and another for Greek/English study. I'm writing this to help others. I'm using Accordance 12 on a Win10 system. Either the Help files need to be updated, or there are technical issues. (Or perhaps I'm not reading the Help correctly, but I think I am.) Following the Help file instructions, I created the layout I wanted. If I try to use the +- button at the bottom of the Library pane, it only allows me to Add Favorite Workspace: existing workspace name. I.e., there is no way to create a new workspace, so all it does is overwrite the existing one, and so all my work is lost. If (following the Help file) I try to use the menu and use Window > Add to Favorites, again there is no option to rename a new workspace, and it just overwrites what the workspace is already named. If (following the Help file) I try to use the menu and use Amplify > My Workspaces, that option is grayed out and not available. HERE IS WHAT YOU MUST DO: The only solution I can find is to create the workspace I want, then use File > Save As and be sure to use a new name for the file (the default just uses the existing one) and create a new xxxx.accord file. THEN, and only then can I use 1 or 2 above to add these to My Workspaces. I have had numerous instances where trying to then open the new workspace causes Accordance to crash, but I am unable to replicate consistently when it does or does not crash.
  12. Timothy Jenney

    #146) Customizing Workspaces

    Custom Workspaces are a great way to increase our productivity in Accordance. They are like being able to instantly rearrange your study to work on another project! check out the latest podcast for six simple steps to creating your own: http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p146_customizingworkspaces.mp4
  13. Hello It would be fine for me, if the Reseach search only search in the specific Workspace. At the moment it is so, that if I have more than one Workspace and I do a Research in one, then the output comes in the last opened Workspace instead in the one which I have done the Research. So it is not possible to make different Researches on different Workspaces. Thanks for adding this. Or the possibility to tie or untie different Workspaces. Greetings Fabian
  14. I have a number of workspaces that I have created that I use in my regular bible study. However, since I work from both home and my office, and these two locations have different size external monitors, I have created "duplicates" of the main workspaces with the difference of being resized for my smaller monitor at the office. I am creating two different sessions with these main workspaces, one for home (with the home versions of the workspaces) and one for the office (with the smaller sized office versions of the workspaces.) Is there a way other than using file, open tan then scrolling down to the name of the session (for either home or office) to open those sessions? I guess what I am looking for is a way to have a dropdown button for sessions like for workspaces. I can not seem to locate one. Is there such a thing? In Christ, Bret
  15. Yesterday when I was doing something with Workspaces, Accordance crashed. Today when I opened Accordance (10.4), it asked me if I wanted to restore after a crash. I said, "Yes." Now the names of the workspaces that shipped with Accordance are gone (see screenshot). I shut down Accordance and restarted. Same thing. Any advice on how to fix this?
  16. t's also annoying that I cannot open any saved workspace if I happen to close workspace by pressing Command+W too many times. Once the main window is closed, that's it. Please add Workspace sub-menu in the Window menu! It's annoying to open any Bible text or commentary just to be able to open saved workspace.
  17. Noticed today as I was switching between opened workspaces, that changing my highlighting set in one workspace causes it to change in all of them. This becomes a problem when using a different set for each workspace since, when it changes, the highlights made with a different set disappear until you reselect the set with which those highlights were made. I searched preferences and didn't find anything that could alter this, so unless I missed it, here's my official request for a feature to allow the selection of a highlighting set in one workspace without changing the selection in other workspaces that are opened. Thanks Accordance!
  18. My "Workspaces" menu (in the Resource palette) includes workspace files that have been deleted. However, even after relaunching Accordance and restarting the computer, these workspaces continue to show in the "Workspaces" menu (of the Resource palette—not the top "Window" menu). Any way to get rid of these old workspaces? It's somewhat bothersome to have that menu populated with workspaces that don't actually exist. Thanks! Jared
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