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  1. When I have a biblical ref in a note and I click on the ref, it opens up a new pane on the right. This is helpful, but sometimes it is not practical when I have too many parallels open. I am hoping that the hyperlink ref can open into a completely new tab which is tied to the first tab. Is there a way to possibly do this? Thank you, Kristin
  2. Hello @Silas Marrs I would love if the Workspaces are imported in Accordance by double-click on the .accord files. Thanks
  3. If I select a favorite workspace it does not open it always go back to workspace. maybe my settings are not properly sets. Need your help?
  4. Manuel Brambila

    Sync Tabs

    Hi, I would like to enter a Bible reference in one tab, and that my other tabs in the workspace automatically jump to that reference. So if I have a tab with ESV, another with a Greek NT, another with LSB, another with a French Bible; that I enter John 1 in the ESV and it replicates across the others. How to accomplish that? Thanks! Manuel
  5. I want to delete unused workspaces from the list which appears when I go File > Open Workspace in Accordance 12.1.3 for Mac. For example, I currently have two workspaces named, 'OT study' and 'Hebrew exegesis'. The latter is redundant, and having both in the list is confusing! I've deleted the files that I don't want from the parent folder in Documents > Accordance Files, but the names of the files still appear in the list in Accordance. Does anyone please have any suggestions for how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!
  6. It would be very helpful to be able to have program open options like "Recently Used" in Word, but make it select workspaces. Right click the app icon and see either recently opened workspaces or better yet, user selected work spaces. Thanks, Craig
  7. dandgar82013@outlook.com

    Open file on starting Accordance

    I have five or six different workspaces that I shuffle between. When I open Accordance, I know which one I want to use. None of the current options in "General > Startup" works well for me. I often have to close the file that Accordance opens on startup, and then I find and open the one I want. When you have done it a hundred times, it gets a little tedious. I would like a startup option that goes directly to the "Accordance Files" found in my documents folder and allows me to select which workspace I want, without it first opening up some other workspace. That is, what I want is analogous to the startup menu in Word or Pages that allows you to select whatever file you want or start a new file. Thanks.
  8. Hello Everyone, When building a new workspace in Accordance, I would love the ability to change the tab colors like in Excel. I love that you can rename each tab but I think it will pop more if we could edit the color as well. Thank you and have a great day everyone! David
  9. KevinPurcell

    Update a Workspace

    How do I update a saved workspace. I opened it up and made changes and then hit CMD+S to save it but that didn't work. I reopened it and it was not change. I twas the old workspace. Then I tried Save as and picked the name of the workspace and tried to overwrite it, but it would not let me. Error when I hit "replace" button says, "The name XXXXX cannot be used, since it is used by an existing file with a different type. Please use a different name or delete the existing file."
  10. Steve King

    Saving a Workspace

    I have some workspaces where I do some study and then move to the next set of verses. At that point I would like to save the workspace so that it saves my current position in the the texts and tools. However when I go to save the workspace it only has 'save as' available so I then have to go through the process of 'saving as' and overwrite the existing workspace. All I really want to do it save the workspace. If I add a text tab then remove it it lets me 'save' as well as 'save as' so why not when I scroll a text or tool? My personal preference would be to have 'save' available all the time so I could save any changes I've made to the workspace. Using command S (when 'save' is not available) doesn't indicate anything so you might think you have saved it when you have not. Others may have an issue with changing this. Any thoughts?
  11. I would like to open a saved tab into the current workspace, either as a new zone, or as a tab in one of the existing zones. I understand that this is not currently possible, and that one has to use the following procedure: Open the saved tab using File > Open. The tab opens into a new workspace where there is only one zone and one tab. To get the tab into the current workspace, one must drag it to the Accordance icon in the Quicklaunch toolbar (Windows), then wait for the right workspace to appear, then drag the tab to the correct place in the workspace. It is, of course, possible to use this procedure, but it seems rather cumbersome. I would like to request that one be able to open saved tabs from the New Tab button on the toolbar so that they open into the current workspace, just like one can open Recent Papers, Stacks, User Tools, and User Notes, into an existing workspace and zone. Another way of opening the saved tab into the current workspace would also be fine, but this way seems quite obvious since it's all about opening tabs. Thank you for considering this request.
  12. Hello A friend of mine who was a BW user before he came to Accordance has grabbed again BW, because of the final sale. I was by him at home and he showed me BW, then he explained what he found great in BW and how it appears. I created for him shortly a Workspace which was similar to this feature. In my opinion it would be great if Accordance users which came from another Bible Software would create a Workspace which is as accurately as possible to their old software and share it with other users. Here and on Accordance Exchange. I think this would be a great benefit for changers on their first step with Accordance. More Inspiration you get on Accordance Webinar on Monday with Linda. Greetings Fabian
  13. AKMAdam

    Worskpaces and Spaces

    I have fallen into a situation in which Accordance always opens a new [Apple] Space/Workspace, one that has no traffic lights in the upper left nor sizing arrow in the lower right. When I try to close it in the Mission Control bar for Spaces, no (X) or (shrink) sigla appear, even when the opt/alt modifier is depressed. I've looked into Accordance Prefs and System Prefs, but nothing I see suggests the genesis of the problem or its solution. I'd like to close this, since I didn't ask for it deliberately, and I like control over my working environment — but I can't find a way to close the Space. What have I missed, or misunderstood? Grace and peace, AKMA Update: By using cmd-ctrl-F, I closed the window, which closed the Space.
  14. rmeischke

    Empty workspace

    Accordance 10 has lost my saved workspaces and shows modules with no content. I can't rebuild a new workspace because the books are empty. Trying to open some "installed" modules opens a prompt to select it from the appropriate folder in the file manager, which doesn't work. I'm hoping this is a simple fix.
  15. Hi, I have 2 panes open in my workspace which is across the whole screen (15.4" retina MBP). I select something in the Bible text, press Stacks icon, text is copied to the Stacks and the Stacks is open in the bottom part of the workspace. I want to position Stacks in the right side of my screen, but I cannot. Accordance complains that "There is not enough space to move this item into that Worskpace of Zone". I disagree. There's a lot of free space!
  16. I just realized something. In version 11, when I would go to save my session or workspace if I clicked on a file in the save dialogue box, the filename that I clicked on would auto-populate (this made it easy to write over files). Now, in version 12, when I click on a file in the save dialogue box, nothing happens (except the word "untitled" is un-highlighted. Thinking back over it, this has happened since the Beta. It is nothing more than a nuisance, but i figured if no one ever mentions it, it cannot be fixed.
  17. The addition of Stacks and Papers functions required creativity in avoiding the error message "workspace is too small or has too many zones" This issue occurred even if using a large external display Prior to stacks and papers, many had preferred workspaces with 6+ open zones Attempts to add Stacks and Papers zones produced an error message "workspace is too small or has too many zones" Option 1 - replace some of the zones with the new functionality Option 2 - add a new workspace and somehow link the two workspaces Option 3 - use the "move to bottom" function in the gear icon to create a 3rd row (Screen print attached) The gear icon for many of the zones has a "move up" "move down" function that allows that zone (ex info pane) to be moved to a second row. Instant Details can be moved if needed to the very bottom (third row) Sample layout with EIGHT zones First row - 1) Library (extends the complete length of display 2) English text 3) linked original language text 4) stacks Second Row - 1) opened resource (commentary/dictionary) 2) info pane 3) papers (below stacks) Third row - 1) instant details
  18. Is it possible to display an interlinear horizontally in one column and then "stack" several versions vertically one on top of the other in one other column? I've got this (a separate column for each translation): Something like this is what I want (stacked translations in one column; it's sloppy since I just pasted together screenshots):
  19. When I try to open some workspace which contains some Bible commentary or the Bible text module which is not present anymore, Accordance crash. I cannot open that workspace anymore — Accordance offers either to go to the web site to purchase the missing module, or continue, in which case it crashes. Why Accordance couldn't just ask me which commentary to use instead of the missing one, and save that configuration?
  20. Hey, I find it annoying the way that when I open a new workspace, an entirely new window opens. I'd like to request that an option be made available to stop this happening- so that, essentially, all the currently open tabs close and are replaced with the tabs for the other workflow without opening or closing any windows. This would mean I would not have to keep closing windows whenever I switch workspaces and would be very helpful for my workflow. Do you guys agree? Simon
  21. Whenever I save some existing workspace again (after making some changes in its layout), Accordance moves that workspace to the bottom or the custom workspace list in the Library. Can you fix this problem? It should stay where it is.
  22. Hello, When I click in user tool on any scripture link, it opens in a second tab in my workspace. I'd like to open Bible links in the first tab, not in the second. Played with the "Content is Recycled" button, but that didn't solve my problem. Either new tab is created, or link is opened in the second tab. (First tab has NRSV with two commentaries, second tab has NRSV with some other commentaries).
  23. Hello, My Mac recently froze due to an error with the Dashboard App. When I restarted I was not able to open any of the autosaved workspaces. I have tried them all and none of them are opening. Any ideas? This is particularly troublesome since opening my workspaces from the Finder opens a file that has not been saved for months/years. I thought they were automatically updated and saved like word processor files are. Am I wrong? Thank you, Jim
  24. When I'm saving a workspace, it moves it to the bottom of the Library list. I think it shouldn't change its position in the Library list.
  25. I'm just wondering about how workspaces are supposed to behave and if it is...how do others handle it? I'm used to (with the OTHER software package) to have a saved workspace that, when closed, it will revert back to what it was saved as so that you can mess with it and open and close things but when you re-open it you get what you started with again. (unless you do a "save as" and rename the modified one and then have two different workspaces) But I noticed that when I modify workspaces and then close them, they open to the "last saved" configuration. How do you adapt to this situation?
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