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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a shortcut to change these search options? This would make life easier . Thanks
  2. Because of the changes how Accordance names user Bible texts (by adding small "o" in the end), I would like to transfer all my individual word highlights to the newly generated (Unicode) user Bible text module. Problem is, how to find individually highlighted words? What would be the search syntax? I understand that there should be [sTYLE *] and then something else. What?
  3. Hey there! I was wondering if there is a way to count Hebrew words, with "word" being defined as a graphic unit that has a space on either side of it. The function for counting Hebrew "words" * <AND> [RANGE Hebrew text] actually counts morphemes: grammatical units of meaning smaller than words (although the counting excludes pronominal suffixes, for some reason). Is there also a way that you can count Hebrew words (graphic units)? Thanks for your help! All the best, Megan.
  4. I've recently encountered something I find very annoying. I wanted to open the book of Song of Solomon, so I typed Sol or Songs or SS into the search field and Accordance automatically changed from "verses" to "words" and performed a word search. I had to keep changing back to "verses" and trying to guess what book abbreviation would work until I finally landed on Song. I would appreciate it if you would remove any automatic shifting between "verses" and "words." Please leave it to the user to decide if s/he wants to look up a reference or a word/phrase. Thank you!
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