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Found 5 results

  1. Dear all, I tried to calculate the absolute number of words in Old Testament books (BHS corpus with Westminster Hebrew Morphology) with the formula: * <AND> [RANGE Book Name] Are the words in the electronic BHS on Accordance Bible Software defined as character strings that are delimited by space characters or is each lexem counted as a new word? Would enclitic personal pronouns ( e.g. אָבִ֔י), prepositions (e.g. בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית) and certain conjugations (e.g. וַיֹּ֥אמֶר) in the BHS-corpus be counted as separate words or is the whole construction (e.g. preposition + noun) conuted as one word? I would be very, very grateful for an answer. Thank you very much! Best regards, Dominik Paszkiet
  2. Nick C

    concordance in targum

    Hi, I was trying to make a concordance of words by frequency in the Targum module. However, I want to have the search only for specific targumim. I am not sure how to search just targum onkelos or just targum jonathan. is there a way to do this? Thanks, Nick
  3. I’m trying to produce Hebrew vocabulary lists for specific chapters. I’d like to include the following: -Hebrew word -English gloss -word count (for whole Bible) The problem is the word count in the Analysis Analytic is the word count for the selected range, not the whole Bible. E.g. if my chapter is Jer 4, word count = the number of times that word occurs in Jer 4. Is there a way to produce a vocabulary list for a particular chapter (or range of verses) with a word count that reflects the number of times the word occurs in the whole Hebrew Bible rather than just that particular range?
  4. Hello everyone, I've previously reported on an issue related Greek syntax search and the resulted word counts: https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/18783-word-count-for-direct-speech-does-not-work/ Unfortunately, I'm stilling having problems with the results of the word count in Accordance after I've done a syntax search. I’m trying to do a very simple search, but the statistics don’t cohere with the data displayed in the text window (see screenshot attached). I would very much appreciate any comments or corrections, since I'm not sure whether this is a bug in Accordance or I've just missed something. Thanks in advance, Daniel
  5. Hi I am taking Biblical Greek with Dr. Mounce, and I had two questions: 1. I have Basics of Biblical Greek through Accordance, and the Accordance Module pretty much EXACTLY matches the text through Chapters 21. Starting in chapter 21... my textbook still is complete, but Accordance just seems to have a "Cliff notes version" of the book. Is that intentional? Some sort of bug? 2. Dr. Mounce wants us to learn those words which occur more than 20-times in the GNT. I know how do a "word count search", and I can search for words than are used LESS THAN 20 times. I can enter [COUNT 1-20] -- and I get a wonderful search! The problem: Dr. Mounce wants me to learn words that are used TWENTY-PLUS times, and I can not figure out how to do the search. Do I need to do something fancy with those CONTENTS and HITS commands? Again: my goal is just to get a list of those GNT words that are used more than 20-times in the GNT. thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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