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Found 6 results

  1. Below are some suggested wishlist enhancement features. 1. Ability to easily change between multiple wishlists. Note: Having to go back to my Account, then wishlist is a longer than necessary process. Suggest a pull-down menu to pick wishlist from within ANY wishlist page. 2. Request when an order has been processed that a backend cleanup process searches through all wishlists of the purchaser user and either flag for removal (new feature) or actually remove purchased item from wishlists. Or order could doffer this as a checkbox option for order process to do or not. 3. Add a free form comment field to Wishlist entries where I can enter information like why I added this item to my wishlist, recommendation source, or any comment I wish to make.
  2. Request: Add an "add to wishlist" functionality (button) to the web page that displays results of a search of the Accordance store. Rationale: Currently to add an module to my wishlist, I need to search for it, and ten go to its product page, and from there add the item to a wishlist. This process would be okay, if Accordance web store was not so slow. Today, on a very high-speed connection, it was 20 to 30 seconds to go from search results to a product's webpage so I could add item to y wishlist. Also this feature would enable me to be more productive if I want to add several item from the same search to my wishlist. Currently, I need to go to product page, the return to search then go to next product page, add to wishlist, etc. If there was an "add to wishlist" button on each search results I could avoid all of the view product page actions and returns to searching results. I am not suggesting removing the "add to wishlist" functionality from a product's page, rather enabling same functionality from a store's search result web page. I don't always need to see product page to add an item to my wishlist.
  3. Kristin


    I think the new website layout looks very nice, but I can't find the Wishlist anymore. Am I missing where this is, or was the feature removed for some reason? Thank you for any clarity anyone is able to provide. Kristin
  4. David Padfield

    A "Wishlist" Suggestion

    I don't know how to contact your marketing department, so I will just place my suggestion here. I normally check my Accordance online "Wishlist" every week or so to see if any of the items on that list happen to be on sale. I think your customers ought to receive an email anytime an item on their "Wishlist" goes on sale. I normally have 10 to 20 items on my list and am just waiting for them to go on sale before I buy them (none of them are in the "urgent" category). I realize this would take a bit of programming, but I think it would be very beneficial to Accordance and their customers if implemented.
  5. I noticed that sale prices are not reflected for the items that I have in my wishlist. Sure I can click on the link and it will show on the product page but the sale prices are not reflected in the wish list. For example: I have OT Theology by Waltke in my wish list and it is currently on sale, but is not reflected in the wish list. I would like to see what items in my wish list were actually on sale. Could you change this?
  6. Tim Hall

    Wishlist change

    Morning All, I wasn't sure where to put this so I chose here. I was looking at my wish list this morning and realized that it is no longer showing sale prices. Not sure if this was an intentional change or if something broke, so I wanted to let you all know. wishlist.tiff
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