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  1. Does any one have some suggestions for good utilities for when teaching with Accordance for Windows? I am specifically looking for utilities that highlight the cursor or a portion of the screen, automatically show the computer keys as they are pressed, and/or allow one to draw highlights, arrows, rectangles, and other annotations on top of application windows. I'm very familiar with these kinds of things for Mac, but not for Windows. Thanks!
  2. Is there a shortcut to change these search options? This would make life easier . Thanks
  3. Certain functionality of the mobile version of Instant Details is more user friendly than the Windows version. The mobile version shows the Greek Strong's Dictionary with the Strong's number of any root words in a hyperlink, which allows quick navigation to that root word Ex. John 2:8 the word paragetai (3855) indicates it is from 3844 and 71, The mobile version (screen print attached) has hyperlinks for these numbers (3844, 71) to the specific Strong's entry. The desktop version does not contain hyperlinks to the numbers which requires that I type in these root word Strong's number using a new search window. Technical support confirms this functionality does not exist in the Desktop version and suggested I post this to the forums
  4. Jpreuter


    Has anyone experienced issues copying text from Accordance in Windows and pasting it into OneNote? Selected text will copy and paste fine on Mac OS but not on my PC. Not sure whether the issue is with OneNote as other programs will paste into it fine.
  5. Tom Castle

    Move Organized Library

    Good afternoon... I apologize for my density. I installed Accordance on a new computer that I built. All went very well. However, I'd spent a ton of time re-organizing my Library. Is there a settings file or something somewhere that I can move to the new machine so that I will not have to do all that work again? Thanks in advance.
  6. Every time I try to "Add User Item" in my stack Accordance crashes. When I restart Accordance, it has added the new User Item to the stack. Windows 10 Accordance 13.0.4
  7. I just upgraded from 12 to 13.05 and upon launching the program loads and then immediately displays a windows explorer box titled "Where is the file for the 'ESVS' text?" When I navigate to the directory Modules>Texts>ESVS.atext and click open I receive the following info box: Cannot complete an operation in the file "C:\ProgramData\Accordance\Modules\Texts\ESVS.atext", since that file is locked. Once I click 'OK' the original explorer box reopens. If I click 'Cancel' the explorer box just opens again and I am unable to use the program. I've run accordance in Safe Mode selecting: Remove startup session Remove 'General' Settings Rebuild 'Texts' Settings Rebuild 'Tools' Settings Clear Library Cache Clear Research Cache Clear cached downloads Still the issue persists. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I am running Accordance 13 on my PC, and have created a UBS5 Greek New Testament version that has extensive highlighting. For example, I have highlighted all the nouns in red, all the verbs are green, all the articles ate dotted underline...the list goes on and on... My question is...now that I have spent all that time to get this perfected, is there any way that I can export (copy/paste...print to PDF...whatever else...) the text WITH the highlights? I don't seem to be able to figure it out! I would like to be able to use a printed version in teaching my Greek class. HELP!!!
  9. In Papers if I type some text and then using my mouse wheel I scroll my paper upward towards the top until typed text is well off screen and then I scroll back down to the text I just typed, it is gone as if I never typed any text. It will NOT happen if I click anywhere prior to scrolling upwards. It does not happen every single time but it happens very very frequently. I have lost whole blocks of text because of this. If it helps, I never experienced this is accordance 11 or 12. Windows 10 Accordance 13.0.2
  10. Hi, how do I make the toolbar smaller in Windows? The Icons are too big. I see the option "Icons only" but the Mac Version has icons and text which are small enough to fit them on the screen. Windows: Mac:
  11. I have installed Accordance 12, Greek and Hebrew Discover package, plus Syriac add-on. The Accordance font file has loaded correctly in the Windows\Windows\Fonts subdirectory. But when I open MSWord, although I can see the Accordance font listed, it only types characters in English. How do I get MSWord to recognise and type in Greek and Hebrew and Syriac? Yes I can do this through Insert\Character Map, but I need to do quite a bit of typing in Greek and Syriac, and it would be better to be able to set up a style to do this. Has anyone done this successfully. Tricia
  12. David Padfield

    Tying Mishnah and Talmud Windows

    Maybe this isn't even possible, but I was hoping to tie my English Mishnah and Babylonian Talmud windows together, but I can't seem to do it. I have the "Tie Scrolling" option selected, but it doesn't seem to work. Is it possible to tie these two modules together, or am I doing something wrong?
  13. Where would I find the "Read Me First" files for Accordance files in a Windows 7 Installation? PS: I'm loving the Windows installation so far, and I'm enjoying learning Accordance.
  14. Hi, I've just gotten Accordance and was trying to figure out if the following feature exists: In many programs and browser, you can click the mouse-wheel button which transforms the cursor into two arrows, something like an auto scroll function begins, and moving the mouse cursor up or down relative to the position of the original click determines the scroll speed and direction. I tried it out in reading and regular view and looked through the help files and options menu but wasn't able to find anything that seemed to enable this. What it makes for is a 0-click scroll experience for longer passages which still allows for stopping and thinking without auto-scroll moving forward. It also allows for fast scrolling to the beginning or end of documents and is part of my natural carpel-tunnel preventing workflow of programs I use otherwise. I wanted to ask if that is an option I am somehow missing, or if it is not currently a feature. Programmatically I would hope it wouldn't be too hard to implement by modifying the auto-scroll function (tie middle-mouse click to turning on auto-scroll, and tie the scroll speed value to the position of the cursor relative to the position of the initial click). Thank you for any "pointers" in this regard.
  15. jeff_melton

    migrating to new PC

    My search fu is broken today, I guess, 'cause I can't find an answer to this: I'm moving to a new PC. I'm using Dropbox sync with Accordance, so I know all my content and notes will get synced in, but I have a pretty customized set of colors and fonts. Is it possible for me to copy those to a new PC somehow? Will my workspace layout get synced with Dropbox, or do I need to grab that, too? I feel like I've done it before, but I don't remember how. I'm hoping they're kept separately and I can just grab that file. Anyone have a full Windows path? TIA and stuff.
  16. Hello I'm using accordance 12 on windows 10 and I expected that I can use my user bible on my IPad. But the menu "sync with mobile device" is not working. why? It can not recognize any other device such as IPhone. How can I use user bible on my IPad if I have accordance12 for windows?
  17. Tim Goldsmith

    Tabs within a window freezing up

    Since I upgraded to Sierra, the tabs within my research window are playing up big time. I have multiple tabs open for NT, OT, Secondary text & graphic study, but it is taking me up to 20 or 30 clicks to get a tab to open at the moment. Is this something that others are experiencing? I've attached what comes up when I'm clicking on a tab that I want to open. The Shift-apple-3 doesn't appear to show the cursor, but the tab that is open in the far left one, but the tab I'm clicking on is the one next to that.
  18. I recently made the switch to Accordance in Windows. In my user notes when I type Hebrew (using SBL font and unicode keyboard) everything types backwards. Is there something I am missing here for inputting Hebrew text properly from right to left?
  19. I am a user who has used the Mac version of Accordance for ages. I recently upgraded my computer to a high-end Windows machine. Unfortunately, about a week in to using this system Accordance has begun to freeze up every time I start it. I open the program, it asks if I want to restore the recent session. I say "No" (or "Yes". It doesn't make a difference) and then it opens and just sits there. My mouse highlights the words, but the windows don't scroll, and I can't type anything. The menus at the top don't respond to my mouse clicks. My keyboard arrows don't move the cursor. It's just stuck. If I do Ctrl+Alt+Delete and restart the program, it makes no difference. It still goes through the same routine. Even when I restart the computer it still does the same thing. I'm stumped, and I need this to work so that I can do my school work, so I'd love it if some sort of solution was possible. Edit: I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Then I shut down and restarted before I reinstalled. It still hasn't helped.
  20. I just installed Accordance 11 on Windows 10 (Surface Pro 4) because I just got a new device. During the setup process the Dropbox link button wouldn't do anything so I continued with the setup without linking to my Dropbox account. Now that it's fully installed and all books downloaded I opened preferences and went to the Sync section in Preferences. I click on the button and nothing happens. If i hit OK it crashes Accordance. If I hit Cancel nothing happens.
  21. Hi, I'm new to accordance and have just recently discovered Parallels after watching the excellent video by Dr. J. http://www.accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p28_parallels.m4v When I open the "OT Quotations in NT" parallel for Gen 1:27 as was shown in the video two panes come up. The Add Pane icon (http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/OSX11/content/resources/images/accordancehelpv2/bt-nwpne.gif) does not appear. Since I'm new to this feature and the video shows an older version of accordance. I have a few questions: 1. Is this feature no longer available in Accordance 11? 2. Is this feature missing from the Windows version? 3. Is there a way I could have disabled the Add Pane Icon? 4. Is there another feature/keyboard shortcut to add a pane? I'm using accordance on Windows. One thing I have found is that if I go to preferences I can add the default number of panes to display for any parallel module. This helps and does allows me to see that Gen 5:2, Matt 19:4 and Mark 10:6 are really parallel quotes in the database however this is not a nice as having the button since it forces you to start with a large number of panes just in case there are more than a couple parallel passages. Thanks to anyone who can help. John
  22. In Mac OS X, the System Preferences window has a search box (upper left, looking glass icon and gray text "Search"). It helps the user to find the appropriate section of preferences to make changes in system settings. I think it would be helpful to have a similar search box in the Accordance Preferences window. Accordance is mature and complex, allowing great customization, but finding the correct area is not always easy or intuitive.
  23. I have just clean installed my windows laptop and am running the latest version of Accordance (11.04.1) I sorted all of my usual preferences and have ended up with a strange font issue The default in the user files section of preferences had the font setup as Segoe UI, with nothing in the formatting field - I changed that to regular. Now - when I start a new user note - I cannot change the formatting of any of the text - eg to bold or Italic or underlined. Any existing notes are fine when I edit them Is there something I can try here? Many thanks Nigel
  24. On Mac, most applications place an icon next to the minimised window / document in the menu where it is listed. Text Edit and Preview, for example, use a ♦︎. It'd be nice to see this in the Window menu for any workspaces that have been minimised.
  25. Dear Accordance Team, thank you for bringing this wonderful bible research tool to the windows domain. I encountered several severe problems while trying to install Accordance 10.4.5 on an up to date Windows 7 Professional 64 bit machine. Forum registration: 1) For days I couldnt even get registered in this forum. The registration form simply did complain that given information wasnt filled in or the buttons didnt react. I confirmed this on several freshly installed machines (windows and osx) to confirm that the issue wasnt on my side. After having success registering I had to wait for the admin to confirm my account. I guess there are better ways of trying to cope with spamming/ flooding. The whole process is a big waste of time. Software installation: 1) Why is an input of user credentials (name and surname) necessary even though an user-account exists? 2) The routine for installing the modules (after installing the basic accordance software) is extremly buggy and not systematic. In addition the interface is not intuitive or logically structured, it took me a lot of time to understand every dialogue. It was more like a guessing game. I might have to emphasize here that Im an IT-assistant and PC enthusiast and therefor constantly dealing with setting up hard- and software. So far I didnt experience such a horrible setup-routine as the "easy-install" of accordance. It took me several trial and error approaches to even get the setup assistant connected to the server. The assistant kept saying, that it couldnt reach the server. Even after it finally found the server, the connection was very slow, meaning unbelievable slow. The download of the basic modules took several hours and stopped several times which meant having to do the same connection procedure again and again having to login every time by filling in name, surname, username and passwort. Thats a real time wasting and absurd process. 3) The user specific (paid) modules took another two trails to get installed. 4) Even after setting up everything on the administration account I couldnt get Accordance running with the modules in my standard user account (Due to security issues I do not work in my administration account). I couldnt find any useful information or setup-guide dealing with this scenario. Some topics in the forum covered parts of the problem or offered solution that didnt help (in my case). What I tried: http://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/13204-installing-on-a-2nd-windows-machine/?hl=%2Bwindows+%2Bfolder&do=findComment&comment=62196 I gave rights for the standard user to access the C:\ProgramData\Accordance Folder (for the downloaded modules). But Accordance kept starting without any module installed. I would like to ask the accordance-team to get a proper setup-manual (multilanguage!) online dealing with standard setup situations. Its a sad story to be left with a forum-only (english only) support after having paid thousands of dollars. It would be helpful if the accordance-team could give informations like the different folder locations or known/ solved issues more transparent and structered than in a userquestion driven forum. Or at least more structure in the forum by making topics sticky (on top) or giving summaries after solving an issue. The setup assistant needs to be simplified and tested by normal users for ease of use/ usability. I can not understand how something like this can still happen in the "new" millenium. The easy-install is not easy at all (at least not on windows). Most important: I still need to know how to get access to accordance on a standard windows account. It cant be expected to run accordance on an administration account. So far thank you for your attention
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