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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a shortcut to change these search options? This would make life easier . Thanks
  2. Greetings! I would like to be able to show a list of verses from different texts (for now, Bible and OT Pseudepigrapha) together. The only way I can think of doing this is by using a research tab and setting the search field to "VERSES". However, that only allows me to enter verses from one of the texts (e.g. Ps 98:2; Isa 53:1 OR 1Enoch 77:1; Abhraham_A 1:2). As soon as I enter verses from two texts (e.g. Ps 98:2; Isa 53:1; 1Enoch 77:1; Abhraham_A 1:2) I get an error ("This entry was not found in any of the tools or texts, etc."). Is there a way to do this in Accordance? Thank you!
  3. When I use a sermon created in “paper” and view iton my ipad, the verse references are hyperlinked, which is great, but, when I select the reference the pop up does not have verse numbers. Can this be changed? It would be nice if you had a range of verses in your sermonto be able pick a particular verse out of the paragraph.
  4. I open «Feasting on the Word (Readings)» resource and copy last two Bible references from the Proper 18: James 2:1–10 (11–13), 14–17 Mark 7:24–37 I open Bible text search pane (with Latvian Bible 2012 as my default Bible) and paste these Bible references in the Search field. I remove brackets and add comma after 10. Looks like this: James 2:1–10, 11–13, 14–17; Mark 7:24–37 I press Enter and Bible texts are shown from the Latvian Bible 2012. So far so good. I close Accordance and reopen it. I click on the Bible text button on the left and choose NRSV with Strongs. Now the same verses are shown from the NRSVS. Nice! I close Accordance and reopen it. Oops. Error message pops up: "There are extra characters after the end of the verse reference." Accordance workspace opens, in the Search field are wrong characters: James 2:1‚Äì10, 11‚Äì13, 14‚Äì17; Mark 7:24‚Äì37 Probably something to do with the initially used Unicode Bible text? Can you fix this? It would be nice if Accordance could correctly interpret brackets, too.
  5. I'm surprised that Accordance User Notes isn't able to make notes for sections of Scripture. Say I wanted to make a note for James 1:21-25 about a parallelism between the "word" and "perfect law, the law of liberty", I can only make a note with one of the verses as the reference, which makes it difficult to later know which verses the note actually applies to. I know you can use stacks, but this seems like a clunky way to do it. The vertical space needed to make a note for a verse it pretty substantial. Plus, there is no easy way to insert a new note on Scripture. Say you already have a bunch of notes on James, and want to make a note in Chapter 3 (the middle). You'd have to add the note to the stack and then manually put it in the right order. Lastly, I don't imagine there is a way to have it automatically scroll through the stacks as you read through the Bible to match the references like tabbed ties are. Is there an easy way to do what I'd like to do that I'm missing? I know this has been discussed at some length in the General forum but still wanted to bring the discussion to the Feature Request page: https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/13372-user-note-covering-more-than-one-verse/
  6. Andrew Nance

    Hiding Chapters & Verses

    This might already be possible, I'm just not sure how to do it if it is. Can we hide the chapters and verses when we're reading a Bible? To make it almost like a reader's Bible. I would love that feature, specifically on iPad.
  7. I've recently encountered something I find very annoying. I wanted to open the book of Song of Solomon, so I typed Sol or Songs or SS into the search field and Accordance automatically changed from "verses" to "words" and performed a word search. I had to keep changing back to "verses" and trying to guess what book abbreviation would work until I finally landed on Song. I would appreciate it if you would remove any automatic shifting between "verses" and "words." Please leave it to the user to decide if s/he wants to look up a reference or a word/phrase. Thank you!
  8. Using Accordance for iOS, when I copy multiple verses for pasting into my word processor or presentation software, every verse gets a full reference (e.g. Mic 6:1...Mic 6:2...etc.). This did not happen prior to a recent upgrade, when I would get a full reference at the start, with simple verse numbers through the text. What are the appropriate settings changes I need to make to get back to the older method? Thanks Robert
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