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Found 13 results

  1. There is currently only one reason why I still have the Logos & Olive Tree Bible Study apps on my iPhone. When I copy and paste text from any bible translation the verse numbers never carry over with Accordance. Could there please be a setting to allow for this? Perhaps there could be an option to paste with verse numbers inline and another option to paste each verse on a separate line. This, I gather, is a relatively straight forward bit of programming, but would have a profound effect on its interactability with other apps.
  2. Could we get a Book, Chapter, Verse selector similar to what Bible Works has or even e-sword. Only having a book selector makes for a lot of scrolling or clicking on the chapter up or down button. It is also more convenient that typing in references. The Logos one is not that nice because choosing a chapter opens an accordion which then has to be closed. I am attaching some images of both Bible Works and e-sword ways of doing this. The Bible Works is nicer because it opens up in a rectangle so that you do not need to scroll for books, chapters or verses.
  3. When I perform a search, using either the research button or in a text pane, the resulting hits only show verse numbers without book or chapter references. My normal text display is set for this, but is there a way for the search hit display to be changed without effecting everything else?
  4. Would it be possible, or is it already, to add an option to add a delimiter, such as a dash (-), between verse reference and verse. This would make it easier to export the word search findings to excel and separate the verse from it's reference into separate cells with the paste wizard.
  5. Michael J. Bolesta

    Hebrew audio OT verse module

    For several books that I have tried (Lam, Dan, Esther), clicking the audio for the individual verses (Hebrew Audio OT verses module) does not initiate playing, but yields the system “error” sound. I seem to recall seeing this on the forums before, but cannot find it. Accordance for Mac 12.1.5 [Mac OS X 10.13.1 Mid 2013 11 inch MacBook Air]
  6. A strange thing happen: I pasted a reference into the search bar for "Song of Solomon" and it didn't come up because it didn't recognize it as "Song". I don't think its a bug. But it brings up a good feature request: allow for searching of books based on a wider variety of names. Its small, but it would especially helpful when using Services (e.g. selecting a reference in an article). Thanks!
  7. Timothy Jenney

    #136) Searching Bibles and Texts

    We've started replacing our oldest podcasts this Spring. #136) Searching with Accordance http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p136_searchingbiblesandtexts.mp4 will be the second in the new Recommended series. It uses Accordance 11 and was recorded in full HD. It also shows the degree to which podcasting tech and equipment has advanced in the last seven years—and the skills I've acquired during the same period of time. This podcast replaces two of our oldest, both using Accordance 8 and recorded at 640x400. just for laughs, check them out: 1.1 Searching the Bible by Verse http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p1_1_searchingbyverse.m4v and 1.2 Searching the Bible by Word http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p136_searchingbiblesandtexts.mp4 BTW, my "shifty eyes" are the result of reading the script at such a close range with out a teleprompter.
  8. Hello Accordance users, After successfully importing an ancient Greek text (Herodotus' Histories) from an old TLG-E CD-ROM as a new user tool, it appears that Accordance has inserted verse numbers all over the text. This should not happen, because non-Biblical Greek prose does not contain verse numbering. Is there a way to import the TLG text without automatically inserting verse numbers? Thanks for any suggestions. I'm running Accordance 11.1.1 on Mac OS X "El Capitan". Greetings, DJ
  9. Carlos Sotolongo

    Missing verse in all translations

    Hi Accordance Tech Support, I seem to be missing one verse from all the English, Spanish and Greek translations. The verse is John 5:4; I know this verse differs in different manuscripts and there is a note on the ESV about it but there are several translations that does include this portion (NKJV, NASB, HCSBC, NIV, RVR60, LBLA, and more). Can this verse be added to the translations that do include it? Thank you
  10. John Green

    Multiple verse selection

    Currently using Accordance for iOS 1.7.2, and finding that when I select a verse, the arrows to add further verses to the selection are no longer present, so I can only copy, or highlight, one verse at a time. This is the same whether on a search result or in the text directly. Is this a bug, or am I doing something stupid?
  11. Good afternoon all! I've posted a question about problems with the automatic word/verse search feature in iOS here, and was told that it was a bug. I searched the forums and found something related here, and though this doesn't exactly get to what's happening, I thought it might be helpful to note for reference. What is happening is that when I search for the word John, the search results are produced as expected. Without manually changing the search mode, I should be able to enter "John 1:5" in the argument box. I get this error depicted in the attached screenshot. On the other hand, if I enter "John 1" in the argument box, the search results pull up the first chapter of John. Simply put, the bug doesn't seem to be allowing the search to automatically switch between word and verse and doesn't distinguish between John 1 and John 1:5 in the argument box. I should also add that the buggy behavior only occurs when the default search mode is "word." Perhaps this was the workaround in the April 2013 thread. I'll switch it for now, but I did want to call it to someone's attention. After trying the workaround, searching for Joshua in verse mode just brings up Joshua 1 and not various verse entries with Joshua in them. Thanks for your hard work, Accordance Dev Team!
  12. TheMinibishop

    Automatic Word/Verse Search

    Hello all. I was under the impression that the app would understand the difference between a search for John and John 1:1 automatically, without me having to switch between "word" and "verse" mode. However, I always have to manually switch them. Is there a setting that I need to change (I can't seem to find it)?
  13. Is there a way to change the settings so that when I am reading certain books (specifically poetry, such as Psalms, Proverbs) the text is separated by verse, but when reading narrative, the text is separated by paragraph? Is there perhaps a way to change the settings based on what book I am in?
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