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Found 6 results

  1. I would like to suggest the ability for a user to password protect their User Notes, and My Stacks created within Accordance. One could spend a good amount of time building Notes, or Stacks so I just thought it might be nice to have the ability to protect these user created files. Creating new User Notes and My Stacks is fantastic. Thank you for your time. D.
  2. I would love to be able to make personal user notes on individual Hebrew/Greek words. I know I can make notes on the words in individual lexicons, but it would be awesome if we could make notes on the Key Number itself so that those notes would be available across all lexicons.
  3. David Leighton

    User Links

    I am wanting to get into some biblical study again. I am also wanting to bring various notes etc. into Accordance and link them in. I am working out the best way of doing this, looking at the difference between user notes and user tools. Part go this is how I can link them together. User tools - it would appear that I can create all the links I want here, i.e to scripture, other tools and other user tools which is excellent. User notes - I have a problem in that I only seem to be able to create links to scripture and not other tools including user tools. Any comments appreciated.
  4. Accordance's outline tool is great. But it would be great if the user could create a tool just like it but with their own content. Perhaps this is already possible, but I can't see a way. If I'm right and there isn't a way for a user outline tool to be created, I'd like to request it for a future update to User Tools. Thanks!
  5. Hi there, just starting to import some different works into my own user tools. It seems self-explanatory but the only issue I have had so far is when I try to add titles/subtitles. I constantly get the "Make the title a separate paragraph before the rest of the text" error. It then shows me where the error is, so I move the title/subtitle up a line and it then works. The problem is that the preview for the title is no longer present when viewing the tool, it just shows a blank line... which defeats the whole purpose of adding titles. A little advice would be great.
  6. Beloved John

    Creating Links in User Tools

    Greetings Accordance Fans, I am educating myself on Accordance User Tools, and I have a question about linking to other modules from my user tool. In Accordance help article, Creating Links in User Tools, it gives one example, and I quote, "Nearby English words can be included in the link, such as this example of a Greek word in BDAG: [bDAG, Greek Entry, agaph] Love." I don't have the BDAG, but I do have the Mounce Greek Dictionary (smile). Thanks Accordance! Anyhow, what I wish to know is what the nearby English word is in the example above from the Accordance help file. I think it is the word Love on the end there. So, I tried it out. I copied and pasted the text into my user tool, substituting Mounce Greek Dictionary for BDAG in two ways, as follows. [Mounce Greek Dictionary, Greek Entry, agaph] Love and [Mounce Greek Dictionary, Greek Entry, agaph] I get the exact same search results from both links. In other words, I made links of both Mounce Greek Dictionary examples, and I hoped to find something different for the first one because it has the word Love on the end of it. All I wish to know is how do I use Accordance to create a link to an Accordance module within my user tools that will find nearby English words. If I am getting the same search results, as previously stated, I must be doing something wrong. Please help. Thanks. Gracias. Danke. Peaches, opps I mean Peace and Shalom.
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