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Found 4 results

  1. My apologies attaching a graphic, instead of text. I wrote out the review for the iOS app and couldn't select the text after I had posted it. I felt the content was more appropriate here than on an app review.
  2. Guntis

    Dark mode UI

    Hello, Please add dark mode to Accordance user interface. When I enable it in macOS Mojave, Accordance remains bright as the daylight and highlights in the black menus are hardly visible, because light grey toolbar affects contrast of the menu highlights. Here in the attached screenshot I highlighted Show All, but I can hardly notice highlight there. Once you are at it, please add dark mode for the user highlighters. Simply inverting colorus won't work well. OK, we can start with that, but I'd like to adjust the same colors for the dark background and white text.
  3. I have two suggestions for improving the user interface. (I am using Accordance for iOS 1.6.6.) First, when search results are displayed, the "Index" icon that normally lives at the far left of the top menu bar is shifted over one spot and the eyeglass icon is in the far left spot. Because I am used to the far left location for that icon, I find myself hitting the eyeglasses when I want the index out of reflex. It would be nice to keep the index icon in the same place always and put the eyeglasses icon elsewhere. Second, I find myself accidentally hitting the library icon at the bottom of the page. It then takes me two clicks (Library, then close) to cancel that operation. It would be nice to have a close or cancel option from the recently used module list.
  4. Guntis

    UI improvement

    Some ideas how to improve Accordance iOS user interface: 1. Place settings button in the top toolbar inn the main window. No need to hide it in the Library, at the bottom, at least for iPad. It has plenty of empty space in the top toolbar for it (right side). You will save one unnecessary tap for the endusers. You could also add Bookmark icon in the toolbar to bookmark currently visible top verse. 2. Separate font sizes for the main text, Greek and Hebrew texts. 3. Reduce brown color by 30-40% in popover frame, GoTo menu frame and Tools selection menu frame. Library window now looks really nice!!! 4. That small triangle next to the Bible name in the main toolbar and the split window dividing line has left some background shade near the bottom right corner. Please make it completely transparent there. I understand that only left side should be shaded. 5. Text highlighting by sentences in the tools window has some shortcomings. If sentence has some abbreviations like ft. i.e. etc., then highlighting stops there, not at the real end of the sentence. See attached screenshot that illustrates this problem. Notice how brackets in the text alter highlighting start and end points.
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