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Found 17 results

  1. Nathan Lovell

    Formatting poetry in User Bibles

    Hello, How do I format the text for a user bible in order to insert whitespace? I'd really like my translations of poetry to include tabs or multiple spaces (poetic layout) but I can't figure out a way to do it. Neither multiple spaces nor tab characters in the user bible source file seem to be retained once imported, and I can't find any reference to formatting whitespace in the help. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I have two questions regarding combined parallel Bibles. 1) I see how you can manage them, but I do not see how to add them. There is this box to type, but it is clearly highlighting a current combined resource and will type over it. How can I add a combination without typing over something? And likewise, can I change the order they appear? 2) I have an OT User Bible and NT User Bible which I would like to add as a combined parallel. However, I am not sure what name to give it. For example, the Hebrew Bible combo is not called that, but rather just HMT. I supposed I would need to write out the entire name of the User Bible, and would run into a character limit, so if I do this I should upload them again, but with short nicknames. Is this correct? Thank you for any clarity anyone is able to provide, Kristin
  3. Hey! I've made my own bible that i want to import into Accordance and i would like to make headlines in the text. Some bibles in my library have them, so it seems possible? How do i make the headlines in the .txt file and how should they be formatted? And is it even possible to do? Thanks in advance! Ruben
  4. spencer.

    Book of Mormon User Bible

    Hey all, I was trying to test out Accordance's INFER command with the BoM and KJV (to identify quotes of NT passages in the BoM), but hit several hurdles. INFER only works with texts so I am unable to make it a User Tool. Although I am able to map Alternate Book Names using a separate file, the versification for the BoM is obviously not based on any Accordance module. Is there a way to setup custom versification? Thanks
  5. I have a question about user "bibles" for non-biblical texts. For example, I currently have the Epic of Gilgamesh as a User Tool, but I would like to import it or convert it to a Text which is clickable and searchable like the ESV. I know I could technically import it as a User Bible, but then the system would like me to let it know if I want the verse mapping to be KJV or ESV.... Is there a practical way to do this? Also, sort of as a bonus question but not the main question, I would also like it to match up with certain biblical texts so that it shows up as a parallel for certain verses, and then where it just does not apply it would have a -- like the ESV does when using the KJV. Thanks, Kristin
  6. I have Accordance 12 installed on my macbook and Accordance 13 on my iMac. On Acc. 12 I have a user Bible that imports just fine (retried it again) but the very same file doesn't import into Acc 13 on my iMac. It says that the text is corrupted from the beginning. So very first word aften Gen 1:1 makes it impossible to import it. Any suggestions?
  7. In the help document found here (http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/STC/content/topics/05_dd/import_user_bible.htm), it says that " The modulehttp://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/STC/content/SkinSupport/ExpandingClosed.gif is saved by default in the Library/Application Support/Accordance/Modules/Shared User Bibles folder at the top level of the hard disk…" I looked there on my Mac, and sure enough, there is a User Bible file that I made. However, it's an old version – it's not the one showing up in Accordance 12.0.6. So I looked in "Texts" in the "Modules" folder and the User Bible file (a later version with the same name) is showing up for use in Accordance is in there. My questions are as follows: (1) Where are User Bible files supposed to be? (2) Is Accordance putting them somewhere different from where it used to put them? (3) Is the help file above inaccurate? (4) Seems to me the "Shared User Bibles" folder on Mac is obsolete. Every User Bible I have in there is either in "Texts" or newer versions of the same ones are in "Texts". Am I right that it's obsolete? Is it OK to just delete it? (5) I occasionally run Accordance on Windows also. I'd also like to know where the User Bibles are supposed to be on Windows and if there are any similar issues on that platform. Thanks!
  8. Hello After a few adding User Bibles that I have self formatted for Accordance I would lovely see an option window by import User Bibles. 1. A Radiobutton to select between: a. English Bibles (with KJV verse numbering) b. German Bibles (for the other verse numbering) c. Greek Bibles so they go to the Greek section d. Hebrew Bibles (so they go to the Hebrew section) e. Maybe for other RTL Bibles (or this will function in the Hebrew) With this it would be possible to make a text compare for User Bibles. That not work at the moment. 2. A Radiobutton for: a. Without numbers b. with Strong numbers c. with GK numbers d. with lemmas This will to assume how to format a tagged Bible in the Help area. 3. A Radiobutton for: a. non connections b. with connections and then a browser field to search would be active for the couple Modul for the Siglas (like <sup> </<sup> connected contents) I know this would be need some more support time, but when the users had the knowledge to format a User Bible with this criteria then I belief that they are not overwhelmed to click the right button. Greetings Fabian
  9. Can someone help me get a User Bible that I have on my old computer running El Capitan (10.11.6) working correctly in another instance of Accordance on a computer running Mojave (10.14.3)? They both have Accordance 12.3.2 on them. When I copy the User Bible to [userName]/Library/Application Support/Accordance/Modules/Texts and click on it to open it in Accordance, I get a message that it's the wrong format. But it works in the machine running the older OS. Another User Bible that I made after Accordance started tagging them with the degree symbol works fine on both machines. The problem file has no suffix. The one that works fine is named [name]°.acc2. Thank you.
  10. I have Accordance 12.0.4 on my Mac. I have Accordance 2.4.5 (Build on an iPhone 6. The app on the iPhone was recently transferred from an iPhone 5, and I could not get Accord iOS to work on the iPhone 6. I finally just deleted the entire app and reinstalled it. Now Acc iOS works, but, of course, I lost my user modules (user Bibles). I have used the iOS app very little, sticking mostly with the desktop version for Mac. Therefore, I'm really in the dark about how to do this (and I only recall that the last time I copied a user Bible from Mac to iPhone I did use WiFi). However, we're now traveling and I'd like to use the iOS app on my phone. Is there a way to copy certain user Bibles from my Mac to the iPhone without WiFi? My only internet for my Mac where we are staying for approximately the next month is a mobile hotspot from the iPhone. Do I just need to go find free WiFi somewhere and do it on someone's WiFi? Seems to me I should be able to just plug in the iPhone to the Mac and copy over my modules. Is that not possible? I've tried looking in Help on the Mac, but didn't come up with anything to help. I do have Dropbox syncing turned on on both iOS and Mac OS, but I think from what I read that only is for user highlights, user notes and such. Thanks!
  11. Accordance Team, Thank You for Accordance 12! I now have Accordance it, but I'm not too sure if anything has changed in this area. (1) Is Acc 12 fully Unicode now? (2) Were there any improvements to the way user Bibles are handled (making them, searching them? comparing them to native Accordance texts, versification)? (There have been several suggestions / feature requests about that in the forums.) Thanks!
  12. Hello Please support the: — in User Bibles. Thanks
  13. Hello I found out that in the User Bibles the paragraph mark is not recognized from Accordance by showing as "Paragraph with a space line" and in the "Reader modus". Then only the paragraph mark is not visible anymore, how it is in show as "single verse" but it creates no space line. Only the space from the invisible mark is to see. When I add the paragraph mark how Accordance describe in the help files. And the Bibles from Accordance has it. E. g. Matt 5,6 ¶ bla bla bla ... First 2 fotos. But today I found out that Accordance has no problem to make a new paragraph, when the paragraph mark is at the end of the last line. E. g. Matt. 5,5 fwlerwoauro weorjwlfj wotuw ¶ Matt. 5,6 bla bla bla ... Matt. 5,7 blu blu blu ... The last 2 fotos. I mean not the space line that Accordance create if a new chapter is beginning, even if there is no ¶ paragraph mark. And I didn't want that Accordance then make a space line. On the "Reader modus" or show as "Paragraph with space line". But thats another bug.... Do you want to rewrite the help files or to kill the bug? So I know how I have to format for the future. Greetings Fabian
  14. Hello I'm create a new User Bible and I find out, that Accordance make a space line after the <br> tag by show as "single verse". If I would that then I take ¶. In the show as Paragraph or Reader Modus it comes correct, without the added space line. Accordance Greetings Fabian
  15. Hello on 11.0.6 Please try this: Download the User Bibles from http://www.causamundi.de/shop/page?p=bible. You'll see that the Rom. 16,25-27 and Rev. 12,18 are empty in the rp05 and Rom 16,24 in na28 and in both others too. This one is only to show you. Now open this with the ELB-LEM and scroll to the chapter Rom 16. The issue is sometimes that the verse numbering are in sync but not the content. And often the verse numbering and the content are totally another. A false content to the verse ref. Or spring direct to search the verse Rom 16,25. Do a search for a word and see what happens in Accordance. Do some little test. Scroll up and down, search words and scroll, search refs and scroll etc...Sometimes Accordance shows the verse numbering by count down from the end of the chapter then you'll see the bug. Sometimes Accordance count from the beginning of the chapter then you'll say: "what have Fabian for a problem?" From the helpfiles: Verses within a chapter can be skipped but must not be out of order; verses 2,4,5,8 are acceptable Yea, thats acceptable and Accordance import it, and Accordance has no problems if only one Bible is open, but Accordance is than not in accordance with other Bibles anymore. Only cHa0ς.
  16. Hello Please support the german Umlaut in the Names of the User Bibles. And the full Mac Roman set. And later also Unicode. Greetings Fabian
  17. Hello It would be nice if we can use the text compare checkbox with User Bibles too. At the moment it works only with Texts from Accordance. Greetings Fabian
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