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Found 9 results

  1. With all the problems logged thus far with the recent Accordance 14 roll-out, and with only one update, would it be too much to ask Accordance to provide at least one weekly update, let's say on Monday, to help alleviate the problems, one step at a time, until a degree of normalcy is reached? Accordance 14.0.2 was good, but it just plainly is not enough.
  2. I want to suggest changing the way modules are updated so that the program will only download changes to updated modules, instead of having to download the whole module again every time. That would make the downloads go much faster, and might save Accordance some data charges.
  3. ultegratim

    iPhone 6 Plus update?

    Is there an update for iPhone 6 plus coming? Would love to see the screen real estate maximized.
  4. I ran the updater and proceeded to install. But then it asked for the whereabouts of the resources (e.g. ESVS) to be updated. But those folders are now missing--even after a Spotlight search. Where have all my files gone? HAs anyone else reported something like this? I was just using Accordance without incident...then suddenly the aforementioned.
  5. I own a Retina Macbook Pro and was super excited to download the update for Accordance that supported the retina display. I have checked on the Mac App Store repeatedly but it does not say that there is any new updates for Accordance. Has anyone else ran into this? Thanks.
  6. I get a Software Update window for ver. I'm currently running ver. on HP Pavilion HPE, Windows 8.1 Each time I've tried to update, it says it's completed the update but then I get the same update notification. When I check, I am indeed still running ver. I've even gone so far as to remove the Accordance software and done a fresh install with the same results. Nicholous
  7. David Foster

    Frozen Update Window

    Hi, I just tried to install my updates for the second time however the update window (where I am supposed to click on install once all the updates have finished) is frozen/greyed out... and like I said, this is the second time this morning. When it started I clicked on my daily devotional to do some reading while the updates downloaded... however when I closed the devotional windwons I found that the little box saying installing updates within the check for downloads window was gone and the whole window was greyed out so I couldn't click install... and with a lot of downloads this gets tiresome. I was wondering if someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or how to get the install window back up? Or am I simply not supposed to open up any other windows while I'm downloading updates? Thanks kindly PS- here's a snapshot of what I'm left with... Check for Updates Window.tiff
  8. I've tried several times today to update two modules for which updates are available. Each time I've tried, the updates are downloaded successfully (apparently, anyway). I then get a dialog inviting me to install the updated modules. I click the button "Install". After a few seconds I get an error message: "Error installing modules". I dismiss the message, and am immediately returned to the initial update window with the progress bar starting from scratch to search for updates. Is this simply a busy server issue? (One of the modules is about 80MB, the other only about 5MB.) Or is something else at work? Thanks. If easier, please Skype me at lancelawton .
  9. Tim Hall

    Version 10

    I was curious if there was an ETA on when Accordance would be coming out with Version 10? I know Accordance 9 has been out for awile now ...
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